6 Great Tips for Choosing the Right Apparel Software

When shopping for apparel software, the options can quickly become overwhelming. With all the abbreviations and software terminology, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and lose sight of what’s really important to your business. Keep the following tips in mind while shopping, and you’ll find the best solution.

1. Keep it Simple

Apparel solutions are often very complex, and losing yourself in the details might prevent you from seeing the big picture. Treat your research as a checklist, that way you can ensure you will get all of the elements most important for your business.

  • Easy to Learn
  • Apparel Specific
  • Ecommerce Integration Capabilities
  • Cloud Based / Internet Accessible
  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing/PLM
  • Pick and Pack or Shipping Options
  • CRM, Sales History, and Customer Notes
  • Provide Multiple Ship-To Addresses
  • Scalable and Extensible
  • Open API for 3rd Party Software
  • Affordable
  • Effective Tech Support
  • Low Maintenance

2. Rely on the Right Opinions

There are a lot of so-called rating companies that are simply pay-to-play advertising. They promote those who pay for their listing or referral services. Don’t be fooled by ranking sites such as these. Every featured software is paying for their position. If you see a software featured on this site you know what your dollars are paying for. Marketing. Is the person recommending the software getting something in return? First and foremost, ask yourself how many customers are using it successfully. And if a company claims to have lots of clients or resources, check how many actually appear on their website. Does the company have reviews with first and last names and real companies for accountability? Do they have a client list on their website? If not, ask yourself why. Do they have a sufficient customer base or are they afraid to let people know who is using their software?

3. Be on the Lookout for Hidden Costs

Watch out for apparel solutions that force you to sink so much money into them up front that you’re trapped with your purchase. Ensure your provider isn’t requiring too much of a commitment from the start. You’ll need time to evaluate your solution before making decisions that important.

Look for transparency and accountability. Is their pricing up front, or do they request your budget before giving out any real numbers? With some providers, you’d need a pricing wizard to judge your final costs. Make sure you get firm costs before you make any commitments, and take any reluctance the provider has to giving you those numbers as a warning sign.

Just as importantly, know what extra costs might exist in the future. Some providers traffic in bait and switch fees, with extra maintenance costs and training costs that come out from nowhere. User prices skyrocket after you have bought your system. Technology on your end might need to be upgraded just to use the system. Get all of the information from the start so you can make the best decision.

4. Always Have an Exit Strategy

Beware, not all apparel solution providers have your best interests at heart. Between holding your data hostage and asking for everything up front, you don’t want a system that will keep you up at night. The most important thing is to make sure your data is exportable. What use is your data if, in a year’s time, it’s stuck in an outdated, under serviced system you can’t afford to maintain? Your data belongs to your business, so make sure you get to keep it.

5. Get the Support Your Business Needs

It’s easy to be short-sighted when making a decision on apparel software, but keep in mind once you’ve chosen your solution, the most important thing is if you can use it easily and effectively.

Check with the company providing the system: How much is training and support? Did they forget to mention training was extra? Do they offer live support? Do they have a reliable support center, with a knowledge base, videos, and online learning tools? All of these questions sitting at the back of your mind before your purchase will come to the forefront as soon as you need to use your system.

6. Know that a State of the Art Solution is Within Your Grasp

Don’t settle for second best – there is a solution out there perfect for you!

Compromising on your dream system can wreak havoc on your work flow. Thinking of taking a gamble with a solution that’s not apparel specific? Imagine making two dozen products for one style because you don’t have the capability to work with a true matrix of colors and sizes!

Today, the cloud is big news in every industry. Are you keeping up? In the past it seemed like a luxury, but with the on-the-go spirit of today’s fashion companies, cloud technology is a no-brainer. Switching from desktop to browser interfaces is not only helpful—it will change the way you can do business.

So what’s your next step?

With its user-friendly interface, successful clients, and best-in-class support, ApparelMagic Cloud is a great choice for many fashion companies, large or small.

Companies can select from the three bundled plans to find the best fit for their business.There are no hidden costs with ApparelMagic Cloud, as everything is conveniently laid out on our pricing page. With plans starting as low as $80 a month when paid annually and with a 14-day money-back guarantee, ApparelMagic allows you to get started risk free on the best-value software on the market.

ApparelMagic Cloud’s user-friendly interface makes getting started intuitive and pain-free. An in-depth support center lets team members learn at their own pace with a knowledge base and trainings. The support team is always happy to help with questions.

What are you waiting for? Join industry leaders and choose ApparelMagic Cloud today.

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