ApparelMagic Awards 2021


The 2021 ApparelMagic Awards

We invite you to share your story about 2021 and how your business has grown and adapted over the past year. Submit your brand for one of the following award categories:


We want to know how you’ve used ApparelMagic to optimize and grow your business!

B2B Store Showcase

Show us how you’ve prioritized your buyer experience using ApparelMagic B2B.

Ethical Fashion Award

Is your brand making the world a better place? Show us how fashion can make a difference!

of the Year

Established in ’20 or ’21? Tell us how you’ve built your brand while facing some serious headwinds.

Learn about 2020's Big Winners

Growth Award

Has your brand had substantial growth this year? Tell us how you’ve kept up the momentum and built a thriving business.

Continue your winning streak into 2021 with our ApparelMagic Growth Award.

Innovator of the Year

Has your brand pivoted to masks? Found a hidden niche that’s worked for you in 2020?

It’s been a year for fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. To apply, just show how you’ve uniquely handled this year’s challenges.

Most Promising Startup

Do you know what it’s like building a business in an unprecedented time?

If your brand is two years or younger, you can receive free service on your current plan as our 2020 Most Promising Startup.