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Cloud ERP Apparel Management

Complete, Web-based ERP Apparel Management

The best of all possible worlds, with integrated PLM/ERP/CRMaccounting and optional manufacturing. ApparelMagic Cloud requires zero-installation and works right in your web browser. We host it, we support it, we back it up, and you just use it. Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android compatible, ApparelMagic Cloud is the future of apparel management.

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Breathtaking Graphics

Breathtaking Graphics

ApparelMagic Cloud allows you to customize your dashboard with charts and graphs of your choice. Our notification center and messaging system keep your employees in contact directly through the system. Our integrated help system allows you to problem solve with Quick Help pop-ups or our support ticket center, free of charge.

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Robust Style Management

Robust Style Management

Your products are the lifeblood of your business. ApparelMagic Cloud supports detailed and powerful libraries for your sizes and colors. Keep track of precise costs of your bill of materials for production, then send catalogs with high quality images to your customers to make sales quick and easy. Style information screens give you a complete overview of sales history, production requirements, and inventory control, keeping you on top of whats happening with your business in real time. 

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Powerful Sales Management

Powerful Sales Management

ApparelMagic Cloud features sophisticated sales entry and tracking tools, including automated linking to customer terms, instructions, and price groups.  Your system gives you up-to-the-second visibility of products, requirement planning, and future availability.  ApparelMagic Cloud also supports multilevel commission tracking, partial shipments and discounts. ApparelMagic Cloud lets you mobilize your sales force like never before.

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Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

ApparelMagic Cloud manages what means the most to you: your customers. Your system provides a full set of tools for managing customers, bill-to’s, ship-to’s, contacts, addresses, appointments and histories. The Customer module includes terms, preferred shipment methods, account codes and credit limits,  multiple salespeople and split commission rates, credit balances and available credit.

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Precise Production Control

Precise Production Control

ApparelMagic Cloud gives you fine control over your supply chain, keeping you on top of open purchases and inventory availability. Get instant Open to Sell Status for any style to keep your business moving seamlessly. In the manufacturing module, tools are available for handling multi-stage WIP tracking, time-phased availability and realtime inventory maintenance, including automated stock replenishment schemes.

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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

ApparelMagic Cloud has a real-time inventory module to keep business running smoothly.  Orders can be partially fulfilled in multiple stages. Demand Driven Purchasing and Order Driven Purchasing keep inventory quantities in your control. ApparelMagic Cloud also supports Unlimited Warehouses, UPC Codes and Barcode Scanning/Printing Capabilities. 

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Allocating, Picking, and Invoicing

Allocation, Picking & Invoicing

ApparelMagic Cloud  allows allocation by availability and customer due date, as well as manual override for any allocations. Re-allocations can be done prior to generation of Pick Tickets. You can pick orders by style, inventory, location, and picking of partial or complete shipments.

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Integrated Accounting

Integrated Accounting

ApparelMagic Cloud’s integrated accounting gives you the expertise of a personal accountant with the simplicity of an intuitive interface. Our accounting module features Accounts ReceivableAccounts PayablePurchasingCheck Register (multiple accounts) with ReconciliationGeneral EntriesGeneral LedgerBalance SheetP&L StatementAnalysis by GL Code, and more!

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Open API for Flexible Communication

Open API for Flexible Communication

API. Three little letters that make a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE! ApparelMagic’s powerful API is included with our Enterprise plan. ApparelMagic Cloud’s REST-ful API allows direct communication from third-party systems to greatly expand and enhance the benefits you derive from your system. See what cloud integrations have already used our API to connect their systems with ours to serve your business better.

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Advanced, Scalable Cloud Architecture

Advanced, Scalable Cloud Architecture

ApparelMagic Cloud is built on the latest and most advanced technologies. Our scalable SQL database and speedy browser-based interface can handle your toughest challenges with blinding speed. Tired of waiting for your system to catch up? ApparelMagic Cloud puts you years ahead!

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Zero Installation • Support Included • Free Updates • Automatic Backups • No Minimum Commitments • ApparelMagic Cloud 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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AP Invoices (Vendor Bills)

AR Payments

Attribute Matrices


Barcode Scanning


Credit Memos

Credit Card Integration

Color Matrices


Commission Reports

Customer Reports


Custom Layout Editor (Reports)

Custom Layout Editor (Transactions)


Demand Driven Purchasing





Dropbox Integration


International Date Formatting


Inventory Reports


Notifications and Messaging

Multiple Currencies

Multiple Pictures for Styles

Multiple Warehouses




Order Driven Purchasing

Order Status Reports


Pick and Pack

Pick Tickets

Price Groups

Product Reports

Purchase Orders


Purchasing Reports



Sales Reports

Size Matrices


Style Performance Reports

Tech Packs

Unique Seasons

Unique Size Ranges

Unique User Privilege Sets


Accounting Reports



General Ledger

Journal Entries

Multi-currency Printouts

Bill of Materials

Manufacturing Reports

Manufacturing Components

Manufacturing Projects

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Project Requirements


Multi-Step Process Control

Issue Materials with POs

Work in Progress Reports


Audit Logs

Custom Fields




Quickbooks Online Integration


ShipStation Integration


Shipvine Integration


Authorize.Net Integration


Shopify Integration


Xero Integration


EDI Integration


Joor Integration


NuOrder Integration


Statco Inc. Integration


Bergen Integration


Hilldun Integration


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