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Creating Tech Packs

The right products can only come to market if they’re made the right way. Precise communication with vendors doing manufacturing is crucial to keeping expectations on both sides in check. One way apparel businesses ensure their vendor partners make products that meet their demands is using tech packs.

A tech pack, or technical package, is a document firms use to compile an individual product’s sketches, processes, BOM, and specs. This document is then sent to factories for production. Using the tech pack, factories have all the information they need to create a finished garment using the correct measurements and materials. ApparelMagic can create tech packs using the information stored in the product record quickly and easily using the Reports module.

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to print out our own tech pack for one of the products we’ve created. We’ll use this tech pack with a purchase order when we manufacture the product in a later lesson.

Click on the Reports Module to begin.

Click Products from the submenu.

Click the Tech Pack report.

This window will allow you to filter your results. You may use any of them in order to specify the desired styles, but we will use just the Style Number field because we would like to print the tech pack for just one style.

When you’ve added the style, click Continue.

A dialog box will pop up prompting you to select which pages to include. Click OK to continue.

Print the tech pack using the Print button at the bottom of the screen.

Click Close to leave the Tech Pack.This concludes the ApparelMagic Cloud Tech Pack Tutorial.Now that we’ve walked you through creating a tech pack, try it out on your own by printing a tech pack for a product you’ve created!

Creating Tech Packs Quiz

1. Which module on the left-hand navigation bar should you select to print a tech pack?a) Productsb) Reportsc) Productiond) Fulfillment

Answer: b) Reports

2. What does a tech pack consist of?a) Images and sketchesb) Bill of Materialsc) Specificationsd) All of the Above

Answer: d) All of the above. Sending a tech pack with all of the above components ensures accurate communication with the factory

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