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Creating Vendors

One of an apparel company’s most important relationships is with its vendor base. These are the companies able to transform a designer’s vision into a marketable item for sale. Whether they are fair-trade weavers in Guatemala, an industrial knitting factory in China, or a cut-and-sew workshop in Los Angeles, vendors are integral to the success of your business.

By keeping all of a vendor’s contact information, order data, events, and files in one place, ApparelMagic gives users the power to maintain quality relationships with their vendors. After setting up a vendor, you can pull up any of your vendor partners and with a glance see what orders you’re waiting on from them, who are the best people to talk to in each department, what meetings or emails you’ve exchanged in the past, and more. When ordering from vendors, simply selecting a vendor will auto-fill much of the information needed to write a purchase order. The data ApparelMagic organizes will help both you and your colleagues understand the sourcing side of your business better than ever.

In this lesson, we’ll learn about the elements of vendor records in ApparelMagic. After the walkthrough, create a vendor of your own using the information you’ve learned. We can use your new vendor later on when we purchase goods from them in future lessons.

Creating Vendors Quiz

1. Where can you store shipping methods and instructions for a vendor?a) People tabb) Files tabc) Events tabd) Overview tab

Answer: d) Overview tab

2. True or False: Vendors can only have one location.

Answer: False. You may add additional addresses to the Location tab using the + button.

3. True or False: You can associate an event with a specific style.

Answer: True. Use the Style field in the event record to specify a style number.

4. If a vendor sends you a document such as an invoice or a catalog, where can you store it?a) People tabb) Files tabc) Open POs tabd) None of the above

Answer: b) You can store the document using the Dropbox-integrated Files tab.

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