Seven7 Jeans achieves multi-brand management

“ApparelMagic’s software has been essential in managing the products and designs that we bring to market. The system helps our teams collaborate and control key aspects of our business, beginning with the costing and production phase, and continuing through order processing, fulfillment, maintaining customer satisfaction, and analyzing our sales patterns.

Seven Licensing runs 4 brand divisions using ApparelMagic (Dylan George, ReRock, Seven 7 denim, and Seven 7 knits), which means we have access to an incredible amount of data for decision support. We’re able to leverage the right information at the right time. If we need to make changes in sourcing, we do it for the right reason. If we need to introduce variations of a popular style, or discontinue another, we have the sales analysis data to justify that decision.

Before integrated PLM systems, this information might have been available, sooner or later. But a competitive market demands that you anticipate and respond immediately. Whether it’s a re-design to enhance the product’s appeal, or a change in available fabric and sourcing, we use ApparelMagic’s PLM to determine our options and respond effectively.

In today’s market, you need great designs, but you need much more. Managing the product data from initial specs on through the very end of production and inventory control, gives us a competitive advantage in the industry.”

Thank you very much ApparelMagic, as always your customer service is excellent, you are on top of things.”

– Peter Akaragian, President & CFO

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