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Get a head start on your new ApparelMagic Cloud system using our Getting Started Interactive Tutorials. These tutorials will walk you through setting up your system and so you can start using it immediately!

We have a complimentary support center available 24/7 with a KnowledgeBase, videos and ticket submission center. Read our articles and watch our videos to learn more or log in and open a support ticket 24/7. Bookmark support.apparelmagic.com

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When you are ready to add data to ApparelMagic for the first time, be sure to watch the short introductory videos and click Done to show you’ve watched the videos. That will then unlock the data entry screens and all the power of ApparelMagic. You will still be in Test Mode.

The primary difference is that when you are ready to move to Live Mode, you can choose to move

  1. Nothing, or
  2. Transactions and Records:
  3. Records only.  

That gives you an opportunity to try things out until you decide how you want to manage your information.

Records include customers, vendors, styles and materials.

Transactions include orders, pick tickets, invoices, shipments, payments, return authorizations, credit memos, Mfg. projects, purchase orders, receivers, checks, AP bills and journal entries.

If you wish to transition plans, you may do so from Settings > Subscriptions panel inside ApparelMagic.

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