Product Lifecycle Management

What Is Product Lifecycle Management & Why Does It Matter?

Want to learn about the concept of product lifecycle management? Read below to learn about the concept’s history and see a break down of each phase of the product lifecycle and the impact these concepts can have on your business. … Read More

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Why It Matters & How To Do It

A growing number of people around the world have concerns about climate change and the environment of the Earth as a whole. This concern has led to many efforts to be more mindful of the environment, for individuals, businesses, and … Read More

customer service

7 Ways to Improve Customer Service Online

Want to learn seven pieces of actionable advice that you can directly apply to your own life to improve the customer service you provide online? The tips discussed below are extremely relevant to small business owners who have e-commerce stores … Read More

What is virtual warehousing

What Is Virtual Warehousing?

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ApparelMagic partners with the CFDA Supply Chain Collective

First reported on by WWD, ApparelMagic and the Council of Fashion Designers of America are partnering to provide state-of-the-art technology to CFDA members. One of eight companies included in the CFDA’s new Supply Chain Collective initiative, ApparelMagic equips fashion businesses with critical inventory … Read More

A retail boutique with clothing, shoes, and decor items displayed.

What Is the Best Business Management Software for Retailers?

If your business is growing, you may realize that spreadsheets don’t adequately manage your business processes and assets. As you grow, your data gets more complex and dynamic, which calls for a different medium to help things stay organized and … Read More

Patrons shopping at various stores in a mall.

What Is CRM Software? Why and How to Use a CRM System

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and is usually used to refer to a type of software that helps companies organize and access customer data. CRM software can be a powerful asset when it comes to connecting with customers, and … Read More

Two computer monitors and a cell phone set up on a desk with screens displaying a variety of information.

How Is New Technology in Business Disrupting Each Industry?

The most important characteristic of a successful business is its ability to remain agile. By adapting to technological innovations and embracing their full potential instead of shying away, businesses can gain a competitive edge. The businesses that leverage the power … Read More

Mannequins posed in a department store window.

Online vs. In-Store Shopping: Which Is Better?

As the largest generation in 2019, millennials set the trends, including where and how to shop. About 60% of millennials make purchases online, which is a 13% increase from 2017. Online shopping has been gradually increasing in popularity over time. … Read More

Row of a variety of clothes on a hanger outside.

How Fast Fashion and Sustainable Fashion Are Changing Retail

Fast fashion may provide consumers with quick and easy access to an affordable, yet fashionable wardrobe, but the benefits come at a cost. “Fast fashion isn’t free,” says fashion journalist Lucy Siegle in an article for Vogue. “Someone somewhere is … Read More

A warehouse with shelves filled with boxes floor to ceiling.

How to Avoid the 4 Biggest Problems Faced in Inventory Management

Now that technology is closely integrated into many aspects of business, successful retailers rely on accurate and advanced inventory management systems that offer real-time updates. Although these cutting edge inventory management systems provide business owners with useful solutions to inventory … Read More