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Manual Purchasing and Receiving

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Click Production to begin.

Click Purchase Orders from the submenu.

A Purchase Order, or PO, is a document an apparel business would send to a vendor to buy raw materials, finished goods, or pay for services such as manufacturing. In this example, we’ll be purchasing finished goods.

Click + New at the bottom of the screen to create a new purchase order.

On the General Purchase Order Information screen, we will add the Vendor we’ll be purchasing from.

We can also use the Date Due field to specify a the day the order should be received from the vendor.

When all information is correct, click Finish to continue.

On the Overview page, you can update any vendor information, terms, or add freight, duty, or miscellaneous charges.Click Shipping to continue.

The Shipping tab allows you to enter additional shipping information.

If your business has multiple warehouses, you can specify one using the Warehouse/Ship To field.

Click the Item Entry tab to continue.

Here, we’ll select the + New button at the bottom of the screen to add items to our purchase order.

Enter the desired style number in the Style field to start adding units.

When you’ve added all items you’d like to order, click Save.

To send the purchase order to the vendor, click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

Here, you can either Email or Print the purchase order.We will click Print.

Click Close to continue.

After sending the purchase order, the vendor will manufacture and send the requested units.When you’ve received the units, you can create a Receiver.Click Receivers to continue.

A Receiver is a document created to acknowledge receipt of goods at a firm’s warehouse. When the receiver is created, ApparelMagic Cloud will update the inventory to reflect the new units. Click Actions at the bottom of the screen to continue.

Click Receive to create a receiver.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm. Click Yes.

You will be brought to the Receive from PO tab. All open POs will be shown in the left hand column. Click the purchase order you’d like to receive, and it will show up in the right column.

If the vendor’s shipment included all items, we can simply click the + Receive All Items to add the units to our inventory.

You’ll notice that the unit counts move down to the second row. This shows they are received.

Save your receiver. Your units are now in your inventory and can be allocated to an order.This concludes the ApparelMagic Manual Purchasing and Receiving Tutorial.Now, try it out for yourself! Purchase and receive products you’ve created.