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Order Driven Purchasing

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Click Production to begin.

Select Order Driven Purchasing from the left-hand navigation bar.

This screen shows all open order items that have been assigned a default vendor.Note that you can assign default vendors in the Products module.We’ll select all units on Order 1098.

Next, simply click Purchase and a Purchase Order will be created.

Click Yes to create the PO.

Click OK to continue.

We’ll select the new purchase order to continue.

We’ll next go to the Item Entry field to confirm we are ordering the correct items.

On the Item Entry tab, all necessary units are listed.You may share the PO with your vendor by email or printed PDF using the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Actions button at the bottom of the screen and select Receive to receive your items.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm. Click Yes.

You will be brought to the Receive from PO tab. All open POs will be shown in the left hand column. Click the purchase order you’d like to receive, and it will show up in the right column.Click Receive All Items.

Save your receiver. Your units are now in your inventory and can be allocated to an order.

This concludes the ApparelMagic Order Driven Purchasing Tutorial.With the skills learned in this lesson, use order driven purchasing to order and receive products for one of your orders. Once you’ve finished, you can now Allocate your order.