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Click Orders to begin creating invoices.

We’ll select order 1104 as our example.

Some businesses prefer to associate invoices with each order. this is convenient for customers because they will receive an invoice every time they purchase products.This can be done as early as immediately after taking the order.

Here we’ll create in invoice based on an order.Click the Actions button to continue.

Select Invoice from the submenu.

Select Yes to print your invoice. For this example, we will select No to show other methods of creating invoices.

In some situations, when not all items are available by the time to ship, for example, you can invoice your customers based on only the items you’ve picked.

For our example, we’ve already approved, allocated, and picked our order, creating a Pick Ticket.

To create an Invoice based on a Pick Ticket, click the Actions button.

Select Invoice from the submenu.

Select Yes to print your invoice. For this example, we will select No to show another method of creating invoices.

Some businesses will send multiple orders to a customer as one shipment. In this case, it might be preferable to send one invoice for all units in that shipment.

For our example, we’ve added our pick ticket to a new shipment and then boxed all items.

To create an Invoice based on a Shipment click the Actions button.

Select Invoice from the submenu.

We’ll select Yes to print the invoice.

Click OK to confirm.

To access our new invoice, click A/R, or Accounts Receivable, on the left-hand navigation bar.

Click Invoices on the submenu.

Select your invoice to continue. Note that the Invoice Number will be different from the Order Number. You may sort by either number using the fields at the top of the screen.

To print your invoice, click Share at the bottom of the screen.

Select Print from the submenu.

You may print or save your invoice from this screen. Click Close to return to ApparelMagic.This concludes the ApparelMagic Invoicing Tutorial.Now try your hand at Invoicing orders, pick tickets, or shipments you’ve created.