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Bills and Checking

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In this lesson, we’ll cover paying a vendor bill by check.

To begin, select A/P in the left hand navigation bar.Accounts Payable, or A/P, is, an accounting tool set up to show money the firm owes to vendors and creditors for products, materials, services, and other expenses.

This module shows all bills vendors have sent your business.When your vendor has billed you, create a new bill by clicking + New on the bottom toolbar.

Using the Invoice No. field on the billing page, we’ll enter the reference number vendor’s bill.These Invoice numbers are the vendor’s, so they will not necessarily reflect the same numbering system as invoices created by your company.

In the Terms field, we’ll enter the terms the vendor gave us. Here we’ll enter NET30.

Note that the Date Due field will automatically update to match the terms.

Next, we’ll add the vendor who sent us the bill using the Vendor field.

Their billing information will automatically populate below.Click Finish to continue.

The Billing page allows you to select an AP Account that will be used for the purposes of this bill. We’ll use the default, 2000 Accounts Payable. Using the Amount field, we’ll enter the total amount billed by our vendor.

Next, click the + button to add an expense to the bill.This is useful when a vendor has several different charges on one bill.

Our bill was for labor only, so we’ll select 5001 Production Labor in the Account field.

On itemized bills with there are several line items including totals for labor, materials, or other fees. All lines in the Expenses table should add up to the total.Since this bill is for only one line item, we’ll enter the same Amount in this table.

Next, click Save to finalize your bill.

Next, continue to the Accounting module to write a check.

Click Checks in the submenu.

This screen shows all deposits and checks written by your business. Click + New to create a new check.

Select New Check.

Add the vendor as your recipient using the Vendor field.

We’ll select Sew Co. as our recipient.

Click Finish to continue.

On this page, you can add multiple unpaid bills or unapplied debit memos and pay them together.For our example, we’ll pay the bill we created earlier in this lesson.Click the Arrow next to the balance on table at left to add that bill to the check.

Notice the Amount moves to the GL table at right to show it has been registered.Save your work to finalize the check.

Click Print to print your check.

The check is ready to print on standard check stock.This concludes the ApparelMagic Bills and Checking Tutorial.Now, bill yourself for one of your purchase orders and pay your vendor via check.