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Returns and Crediting

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For our example, one of our shipments to a customer included two damaged units. They have requested to return their units and have them replaced. We’ve already created a new order with the replacement items. Next, we’ll need to approve their return.

To begin, click A/R in the left navigation bar.

Next, select Return Authorizations from the submenu.

Click + New to create a new payment.

We’ll select the customer who would like to make the return in the Customer field.

Using the Expiration Date field, we’ll enter the date that the return is due back to our warehouse.

Click Next to continue.

Adding an address to return from is optional. We’ll select Same as Bill to.

Click Finish to continue.

The Billing page holds all billing information relevant to the return authorization. Use this page to refund an order’s Freight or Misc charges.If the order had a discount, enter it into the Discount Rate field.Go to the Shipping tab to continue.

Using the Shipping tab, you may enter the address you’d like the return shipped to. We have our Default warehouse selected.Continue on to the Item Entry field.

In this tab, we’ll enter the items to be returned. Click + New to add items.

When you’ve added all units you’d like to return, Save your work.

Next, click on the Item Detail tab.

For this example, our customer is returning damaged materials. We’ll fill the Damage boxes to show that we do not want the returned units to be added to inventory.Save your work before continuing.

If the customer is returning undamaged units appropriate to sell again, continuing without filling the Damage boxes adds the units back to inventory.

Click on the Credit Memos tab to continue.

From this page, we can see that no credit memos are assigned to this return authorization.A Credit Memo is a type of credit added to a customer’s account. It is usually created in the case of a return, that they can then apply towards a later order.

Click the Actions button at the bottom of the screen to continue.

Next we’ll click Create Credit Memo from the submenu.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm. Click Yes.

Click OK to continue.

You will be brought to the Credit Memos page. Click on your newly created credit memo to continue.

You may print or email the credit memo to your vendor by clicking the Share button.

The credit memo is now ready to be applied to your customer’s future order.We’ll move on to the Payments Received page to apply it to an order replacing the damaged units.

Click + New to create a new payment.

Click New Payment

We’ll select the same customer for the Customer field.

In the Type field, you may specify if it is a Check, CC, Wire Transfer, or create new types of payments.

We’ll use the Comment field to specify that we are using this payment to replace damaged goods.

Click Finish to continue.

On the Payment page, you will have all information relating to your payment. Your new Credit Memo and the Invoice containing replacement units are in the table at left.To add your Credit Memo as the payment, click the Arrow beside the Balance.

Next, add your Invoice to apply the credit memo against that invoice. This will associate the two records in the system.

Your Invoice and Credit Memo should have the same value.Click Save to apply the payment.

Notice after clicking save, all records are moved to the table at right, showing they are applied.

This concludes the ApparelMagic Returning and Applying Credits tutorial.Now that we’ve walked though creating a return authorization and credit memo, try it out on your own using an order you’ve created!