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Importing Orders

For best results, please use the most recent version of your web browser.

To begin, use the left-hand Navigation Bar and select the <b>Orders</b> module.

To import orders, click the <b>Actions</b> tab at the bottom of the screen.

Select <b>Import-&gt;Orders</b>.

Click the&nbsp;<b>Download Template</b>&nbsp;button. Go to the .csv file and open it in a spreadsheet editing program to begin working on the import template.

Enter your vendors' information in the same format displayed in <b>row 1</b>.&nbsp;

The file contains sample data in <b>rows 2-8</b>. You may use this data as a reference, but you should delete it before you upload the file into ApparelMagic.

The name entered under customer_name must already exist in ApparelMagic.<br><br>The following are required fields for this template: customer_po, customer_name…

style_number, corresponding attributes for that stlye, and qty.

A system administrator should create values in the Settings module under the Dictionaries sub-menu for the following fields before they can be specified: division_name, warehouse_name, salesperson_name, terms_name, and ship_via_name(provider service)<br><br><br>

The SKU being ordered must already exist in your Products in ApparelMagic before it can be imported.

Next, save your .csv file and drag and drop the file onto the Upload tab or click on the Upload tab to select a file.

The Review window will let you review your import and ensure all fields have been filled correctly. Click on an item to evaluate it. Errors will display on the right. Click&nbsp;<b>Import</b>&nbsp;when ready.

Congratulations! You have learned the steps to importing orders in ApparelMagic.