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Shopify Integration

For best results, please use the most recent version of your web browser.

To begin setting up the Shopify integration, click <b>Settings</b>.

Click <b>Plugins</b>

Click <b>Shopify&nbsp;</b>to set up the integration.

Click the blue <b>+</b> to add a Shopify domain.

Enter your website's URL.

<span><b>SYNC ATTR 2 and 3</b> allows you to choose abbreviations or full names.<br><br></span><span><b>SYNC FULL PRODUCT INFO</b>&nbsp;syncs&nbsp;</span><span>prices, pictures, SKUs, UPCs, web description, title, and inventory. Without this option turned on, only&nbsp;</span><span>web title, SKUs, and inventory will sync</span><span>.<br><br></span><span><br></span>

<span>Use this drop-down menu to control what value in ApparelMagic will populate the <b>SKU</b>&nbsp;field in Shopify.</span><div><br></div>

When you have made your selection, click <b>Authorize</b> to connect your ApparelMagic account to your Shopify domain.

When the Shopify window loads, click <b>Install app.</b>

<span><b>DEFAULT DIVISION </b>will be specified on invoices created when downloading completed orders from Shopify, and any customers created when completed orders are downloaded. This field is optional and it applies to your Shopify store.</span>

<span><b>DEFAULT POS DIVISION</b> will be specified on invoices created when downloading completed orders from Shopify POS, and any customers created when orders are downloaded. This field is optional.</span>

<span>Select your <b>DEFAULT WAREHOUSE</b> for use with this Shopify Store. This controls which warehouse&CloseCurlyQuote;s inventory values will be synced to Shopify, and will be specified on downloaded orders/invoices.</span>

Select your <b>DEFAULT CREDIT TERMS</b> for orders taken through Shopify.

Select the <b>DEFAULT AR ACCOUNT&nbsp;</b>to which you would like to link transactions for this Shopify account.

Choose the <b>DEFAULT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT</b> you would like to associate with this Shopify account. It will be used on created payments when orders are downloaded from Shopify.

Choose the <b>PRICE GROUP</b> you would like to use to link products processed through Shopify. The normal price will be used if one is not selected here.

Choose the <b>START DATE </b>for which you would like to begin the sync of orders. Orders stamped prior to this date will not be synced.

Use the <b>STOCK FIELD</b>&nbsp;to select which ApparelMagic inventory quantity you would like to sync to your Shopify store.<br><br><br>

Select which <b>ORDER TYPE</b> you would like to download from Shopify. You can either download unfulfilled, paid orders as Orders in ApparelMagic or fulfilled, paid orders as Invoices in ApparelMagic.<br><br>

Click <b>Ok</b> when finished.

Click <b>Products &gt; Styles&nbsp;</b>to edit the products synced to Shopify.

Click <b>Actions</b> to continue.

To download styles from Shopify to ApparelMagic, click <b>Download From &gt; Shopify. </b>This command will&nbsp;download any style that exists in your Shopify account, but DOES NOT&nbsp;exist in your ApparelMagic account.

To sync a style from ApparelMagic to Shopify, begin by double clicking.

Click the <b>E-Commerce</b> tab to continue.

Select the <b>Shopify Product Configuration</b> tab.

Select the store for which you would like to sync this product.

Use the<b> TITLE&nbsp;</b>field to enter the style name as you would like it to appear once it is synced to Shopify.

Click<b> Save</b> when finished.

Select all styles you would like to sync to Shopify. You can select multiple styles by holding down the shift key.

Click <b>Actions </b>to continue.

Click <b>Sync With -&gt; Shopify</b>. This command will sync styles that exist in ApparelMagic to Shopify.

The styles will be copied over to the Shopify system designated in ApparelMagic.

To enable multiple styles to be synced to Shopify, select them and then click <b>Action &gt; Manage Sync With… &gt; Shopify</b>.

This command allows you mass sync your styles to any of your Shopify stores.

Click <b>ENABLE SYNC</b> to continue.

Click <b>OK</b> when you are ready to sync the selected styles.

If you would like to check that your product inventory has synced correctly, begin by clicking <b>Inventory</b>

Click <b>Actions &gt; View Inventory Adjustment List</b>

Use the search menu to easily find the styles you would like to adjust inventory.

Enter the number at which you would like to set the inventory under <b>Physical</b>.&nbsp;<b></b>This will allow you to see if your inventory adjustment carries over to Shopify as you expect.

When you have entered the numbers for the styles whose inventories you would like to adjust, click&nbsp;<b>Actions &gt; Create Adjustment Receiver</b>

Inventory is updated every minute through the integration.<br><br>If it does not update as you expect, it is likely that either you have selected the wrong <b>DEFAULT WAREHOUSE</b> or the wrong <b>STOCK FIELD&nbsp;</b>in your integration set up.

To download paid, but unfulfilled orders from Shopify to ApparelMagic, ensure that the ORDER TYPE field is set to <b>Unfulfilled (Orders)</b>.<br><br>The integration automatically downloads orders from Shopify every 15 minutes.<br>

When downloading orders from Shopify while under these settings, make sure that the order is listed as both <b>Paid</b> and <b>Unfulfilled</b>.

Orders can also be downloaded manually. To do this, begin by clicking&nbsp;<b>Actions</b> under the Orders module in ApparelMagic to continue.

Click <b>Download From &gt; Shopfiy</b>.

The <b>Unfulfilled, Paid</b> orders will appear under <b>Orders</b> in ApparelMagic.&nbsp;<br><br>Additionally, this will create a payment record as well as a new customer if applicable.

Once the unfulfilled order has been processed in ApparelMagic, its invoice can be synced to Shopify to update fulfillment information.<br><br>Select the invoices for orders you would like to update in Shopify.

To continue, click&nbsp;<b>Actions &gt; Sync With &gt; Shopify</b>.&nbsp;<b></b>This command will show in Shopify that these orders have been fulfilled.

To download already fulfilled orders from Shopify as invoices in ApparelMagic, make sure that your <b>ORDER TYPE</b> is set to <b>Fulfilled (Invoices)</b>.

Fulfilled orders will automatically be downloaded from Shopify every 15 minutes as invoices. <br><br>To download them manually, begin by selecting the <b>A/R</b> module in ApparelMagic.

Click <b>Invoices</b> to continue.

Under these settings, all Shopify orders must be listed as both<b> Paid</b> and <b>Fulfilled</b>.

Click <b>Actions &gt; Download From &gt; Shopify</b> to continue.

Your fulfilled orders will appear as invoices.<br><br>Additionally, a payment record will be created as well as a new customer if applicable.

Congratulations! You have learned the steps to integrating your Shopify store to your ApparelMagic system.