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Printing Catalogs and Line Sheets

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To print a catalog, go to the Reports module in the left-hand navigation menu.

Click Products in the submenu.

First, we’ll print a Product Catalog. This can be used to generate a simple catalog of items that you can send to customers.Click Lookbook/Product Catalog.

You may create a Product Catalog by filtering items using any or several of the categories.For example, you could use the Collection filter to show only Women’s, and the Category filter to show only Blouses.For this example, we’ll filter by season.

We’ll create a catalog for Winter 2018. The resulting catalog will show all products contained in that season.

When you have defined your filter, click Continue.

For each item, the catalog will show its main image, style number, description, and price. This catalog is great for giving an overview of all of the styles you’re currently offering.

You may use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to print, share, or save to your computer.

Next, click Products to print a second type of catalog.

Click Product Colorway Catalog to create a catalog that includes color and size information.

We will choose the Winter 2018 season again to compare with the Lookbook/Product Catalog. Click Continue.

A dialog box will ask you to choose from Price Groups. This allows you to select a retail or wholesale price group, or whichever price groups you have set up.

You may also choose to view by warehouse and are given the opportunity to show product availability. Click OK to continue.

The Product Color Catalog will show more information for each product compared to the Lookbook/Product Catalog.For each product, the image associated with each colorway is shown, as well as the availability and price of each size.

This catalog has all the necessary information for a buyer to choose products and place their order.At the bottom of the page, you’ll have the same options to print and save.

Now that we’ve walked you through creating a catalog, try creating your own both a Lookbook / Product Catalog and a Product Color Catalog.