Why Stitch Labs users are migrating to ApparelMagic

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With Stitch Lab’s recent announcement that they will be sunsetting their platform, many businesses are left in the lurch. The service may be discontinued as early as Spring 2021, and their support of the product is now limited to email only.

With that in mind, now is the time for Stitch Labs users to evaluate their options and begin their migration to a new service, before it’s too late.

Here’s why Stitch Labs users are migrating to ApparelMagic:


Easy Data Import

ApparelMagic provides easy-to-use data import templates that you simply upload into your new system, instantly populating it with your product records, vendors, and customers.

And once you’re in, training up is a piece of cake. Training sessions are offered weekly, and an intuitive interface walks you through the system step by step.


Your Central Hub

In your current set-up, is your data spread thin across multiple platforms? ApparelMagic takes all of your business, from transactions to records to reporting, and merges it into one unified web app. ApparelMagic functions as your business’s central hub, managing all the data you need right where it’s easiest to read and analyze.

ApparelMagic’s information-first design and straightforward workflow help you operate at high speed. It’s lean, modern, and powerful: exactly what your business needs to get the job done.


Connect to your favorite services

Did you choose Stitch Labs for its wealth of integrations? If so, you’re in luck. ApparelMagic integrates with many of the same leading services like Shopify, QuickBooks Online, JOOR, and more.

Whether it is ecommerce, online wholesale, logistics, or accounting, ApparelMagic connects to and automatically syncs with dozens of the industry’s best-loved platforms.

Need to connect to another service? Our Enterprise plans offer API access so you can develop your own connections.


Software Made for Fashion Brands

Operating apparel businesses out of standard issue ERP software can be a drag, and too many companies stick around making workarounds and makeshift workflows when what they really need is something built for fashion.

This time, migrate to a fashion-specific software like ApparelMagic. It manages apparel-specific qualities like sizes, dimensions, and colorways, no tweaks required. ApparelMagic is tailor-made for apparel and accessories.


Clear, Affordable Pricing

State-of-the-art technology doesn’t have to be expensive. When you select the tools that are right for your business, you’ll find that ApparelMagic offers the best value fashion software in the game.

With plans for everyone from the smallest startup to big, multinational brands, ApparelMagic pricing is affordable, transparent, and easy to understand. No hidden fees to worry about, and no surprises, guaranteed.

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