Sustainable Fashion Software

Sustainable Fashion Software

Running a more efficient business is the first step to becoming a truly sustainable fashion brand.

Transparent supply chain

Some of the magic behind ApparelMagic is the ease of seeing your whole business from end to end. Production is no longer a black box, and you get full visibility about where and how your products are being made. Keep tabs on who is making your products, and track their performance and compliance through detailed vendor records complete with location and contact support.

Cut down on waste

We're all becoming more conscious of production waste. Shipped straight to landfill, that extra yardage is one of the easiest—and most economical—ways fashion can ease its strain on Earth's resources. Give the planet a break when you take a magnifying glass to your manufacturing, tracking fabric and trim usage. File storage lets you double check markers and get reports straight from the factory floor.

Eco-conscious supply chains

The fashion industry's creativity is going in whole new directions with innovative, new approaches. ApparelMagic's raw material management allows you to use just about anything you can think of as input to your manufacturing products. Upcycling fabric scraps or using unconventional materials? Absolutely doable. Attempting a circular supply chain? You can mark records as products and materials simultaneously.

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“How did it get made? How did it get the trim? How did it employ people? How did it ship?” ApparelMagic client Marissa Maximo's ethical womenswear label Anaak is changing the world one beautiful piece at a time. See how ApparelMagic manages her brand's supply chain.

From fiber to fashion

What gets measured, gets managed. ApparelMagic's PLM features give you the power to manage your products from raw materials to finished goods.

Organic? Fair trade? Specially certified? The system's flexible materials records let you specify exactly what you're using.

Digital fashion week

Fashion week is going online! Samples, sales teams, and small talk can stay in the office but you can still reach the rest of the globe. Make sales remotely with full wholesale support from ApparelMagic's B2B eCommerce. Customize your customers' experience with personalized assortments, beautiful layouts, and advanced pricing tools.

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