ApparelMagic integrates with Shopify for state-of-the-art fashion ecommerce


Mobilize your data like never before with integrations between ApparelMagic and fashion's best apps and service providers. Gain customers, increase sales, ship faster, and make more money with connections to top brands like Shopify, Amazon, Xero and more.

Don’t see your integration? We can work with you. Your solution may already be integrated with us! If not, we can work with any factor, warehouse provider, or EDI company that uses our file formats as so many do (e.g., Joor, Statco, RMS, and others). Let our software connect every aspect of your apparel business to serve you better. If you are looking for a different e-Commerce, Factor, 3PL/Warehouse, or shipping solution, or B2B, B2C, or POS system, contact us.

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Just the essentials for your growing small business
  • When paid annually
  • Includes 2 Users
  • Integrate with Dropbox
  • 1 Division
  • 1 Warehouse
  • Upgrade at any time
Manufacturing project management made simple
  • When paid annually
  • Includes 3 Users
  • Up to 3 Integrations
  • Up to 3 Divisions and Warehouses
  • Manufacturing & Materials
  • Upgrade at any time
Connect to all your favorite providers and services
  • When Paid Annually
  • Includes 5 Users
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited Divisions & Warehouses
  • Manufacturing & Materials
  • Custom Fields