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“Every time I contact ApparelMagic I get clear, concise and encouraging advice. I am setting up our system single-handedly, being new to the business, and it has been busy but we are about there now thanks to this excellent support. Thank you so much to all the team, much appreciated.” -Gill Hales Hiho

“Found this article, The Dirty Little Secret Traditional Enterprise Software Companies Don’t Want You Knowing. Made me think of ApparelMagic (in a good way, that is). What a relief, no more bloat ware and unintelligible bills. You should be proud to be on the good side of history. Thank you for having a more forward approach to our ERP software.” -Robin Frick Glam Girl

“In all my 30 years of working with software providers, your company is the very best with being simple and working right… whoever developed this must be a genius! You are always there for us. Many people out there really need this software but they don’t know where to start. I would recommend ApparelMagic to any user in the industry.” -Stephanie Chin Moonlight Bridal

“ApparelMagic’s PLM system has given us a significant boost in efficiency. Having the data organized and shared by all departments really makes a big difference.” -Christine Currence Badgley Mischka

“Your support techs are amazing. They are really quick and responsive and helpful.” -Eli Pirian Baciano

“We are having a great experience with ApparelMagic! Everything is integrated very well, and exciting features are always being introduced.” -Steve Bates Dope Couture

“The software works great; anyone who doesn’t want to use this system is out of their mind.” -Richard Holly HB Athletic GLOBE-TEX

“ApparelMagic has transformed our production systems. The clear and easy to use screens, combined with ApparelMagic’s excellent support, even from New Zealand, we are very glad to have made the change to ApparelMagic. We also appreciate how ApparelMagic is continuously developing their systems, and can’t wait to use the new customized reporting feature.” -Jeanette Doidge Kate Sylvester

“Almost every day we learn something else ApparelMagic can do to help our business” -Kraig Nagy Fahrenheit Headwear

“The ApparelMagic team has behaved with professionalism every step of the way. I love the program. It is problem free and I have never had that with anything I bought. First Time Ever.” Joe Lanzaro Tia Designs

“The software works great! When I am taking orders at a trade show, I always get positive feedback and questions about what I am using. I recommend ApparelMagic to anyone who asks.” -Vonn Bunao Rosalina Baby

“Seven Licensing runs multiple brand divisions using ApparelMagic, and ApparelMagic’s software has been essential in managing the products and designs that we bring to the market.” -Peter Akaragian Seven7 Jeans

“ApparelMagic has created solid transparency for the whole company. From our factory in India to New York to Chicago, anyone is able to pull up a ticket, an invoice, etc. and see it instantly.” -Scott Rihm Mustard Pie

“In particular, other systems couldn’t handle our manufacturing components, and it has been fantastic working with support.” -Ian McDonald KELTEK

“I am extremely happy with ApparelMagic’s support team. Support team member Jacob is the best!” -Steve Ruppert Spunkwear

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