Apparel Inventory Software

It's not just about a final tally: Comprehensive inventory keeps fashion businesses running at full speed, knowing the Where and When of products every step of the way.

Realtime Inventory

Get a bird's eye view of your business with fully integrated inventory calculations.

WIP Tracking

Don't miss a beat. Follow production and purchase orders from beginning to end.

Smart Forecasting

Stay one step ahead with advanced forecasts for overall revenue and individual SKUs.


Selling out is a thing of the past when you can track stock levels and restocking times live.

Realtime multi-channel inventory

Boost your sales volume with smarter stock control. ApparelMagic’s inventory tools manage multiple sales channels, divisions, warehouses and suppliers.

Powerful Forecasting

Harness the power of machine learning with one-stop forecasting and replenishment dashboards. Your estimated revenue, unit sales, and quantity sales are all ready for you to analyze at a glance.

Intuitive Replenishment

Take action fast on urgent items, avoiding costly sell outs and lengthy restocking times. All the important data is right at eye level with an at-a-glance replenishment chart, sorted automatically by sales velocity.

Raw Material Management

Create BOMs and full Tech Packs with complete control of all the components that make up your products.

Material records in ApparelMagic's PLM tools

SKU-level Visibility

Got a hot seller on your hands? Drill down by SKU level and see its current inventory and its forecasted sell-out date. ApparelMagic's algorithm predicts the future based on historical sales, delivering a predicted velocity.

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See into the future with fully integrated inventory