Apparel Manufacturing Software

Whether you purchase, import or manufacture, ApparelMagic provides a powerful suite of tools to optimize your supply chain, control costs and manage vendors and deadlines.

BOM (Bill of Materials)

ApparelMagic provides real-time status of raw material inventory and demand, ensuring your Bill of Materials is always up-to-date and production-ready.


Our multi-stage manufacturing processes offer detailed production project tracking, cost actualization, and vendor contract management for full transparency.


ApparelMagic’s smart purchasing tools adapt to changing sales, supply, and inventory positions, linking vendor POs to customer orders for efficient supply chain management.

Labor Processes

Comprehensive Work in Progress (WIP) tracking in ApparelMagic allows you to control purchasing and production through every stage, managing timelines effectively.


Multi-Stage Manufacturing

For detailed production projects, ApparelMagic calculates sales demand and material requirements, and issues detailed vendor contracts, including pull sheets and special instructions. Automatic cost actualization provides complete transparency.


Smart Purchasing Tools

ApparelMagic provides manual and automated purchasing tools, responsive to your changing sales, supply and inventory positions. Link vendor PO’s to customer orders. Set inventory minimums and view future availability. ApparelMagic reveals every detail of your supply chain.


Comprehensive WIP Tracking

Control purchasing and production through every stage. Manage partial deliveries. View WIP by project, style, vendor and date. Track raw materials issued and returned. See the impact of production delays on related sales deadlines. 


Accurate Material Requirements

ApparelMagic provides real-time status of raw material inventory and demand. Respond instantly to BOM updates, fabric deliveries, and production projects. ApparelMagic also lets you view requirements for sales orders, manufacturing projects, or system-wide. Easily react and purchase the required items with a single click!

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Fully integrated apparel manufacturing tools

Issue Materials

ApparelMagic simplifies the issuing of materials with purchase orders, ensuring accurate allocation of fabrics and trims to corresponding production orders.

Demand Driven Purchasing

Respond quickly to market demands with ApparelMagic’s demand-driven purchasing system, optimizing stock levels and minimizing overproduction.

Custom Fields

Tailor your product data with ApparelMagic's custom fields, providing the flexibility to capture unique information essential to your manufacturing process.


With ApparelMagic, easily track the receipt of goods into your inventory, ensuring accurate updates to stock levels and timely availability for production.

Order Driven Purchasing

ApparelMagic's order-driven purchasing system ensures a direct connection between customer demand and your purchasing activities, improving your just-in-time inventory management.

Material Demand

Easily access an assessment of raw material demand to fulfill customer sales, ensuring timely and efficient production.

"Other systems couldn’t handle our manufacturing components, and it has been fantastic working with support."

Ian McDonald

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