Apparel PLM

Product can make or break a fashion business. ApparelMagic's fashion PLM manages designs, materials, specs, costs, and suppliers so you can maximize accuracy and profitability.

Sketch Annotation​

Get the perfect fit with garment measurements at your fingertips.

Tech Packs

Communicate with vendors from first fittings to final product.

Full Specs

Annotate photos and flats with measurements and notes.

Materials & Trims

Keep your fabrics, trims, and tags all in one easily understood BOM.


Create Limitless Designs​

ApparelMagic's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the command center for your design and production processes. This comprehensive tool provides unparalleled control over every stage of your product's life, from initial design and material sourcing to production and distribution.

Design Tools

Real-time Design Updates​

Take your beautiful sketches and product images to the next level using ApparelMagic's built-in Annotation Tool. Direct vendors with construction call-outs, measurements, and even material placement.


Tech Pack Generator​

With the click of a button, build a tech pack that includes images, specs, and BOMs. From first concept through final approval, ApparelMagic tracks full tech pack version history in PDFs for easy reference.


Smarter Style Costing​

Improve your margins with better planning. Understand supplier and shipping costs, labor expenses, duties, commissions and more. Whether you import, manufacture or both, ApparelMagic automatically monitors your ongoing costs.

Materials & Trims

Apparel-savvy Bill of Material​

Build and review BOMs quicker and more accurately. Select materials from ApparelMagic’s on-board libraries. Assign labor processes, fabrics and trims, blanks and artwork.

Adobe Sync

Save & Email Illustrator File Versions​

The Adobe Illustrator extension seamlessly syncs Illustrator artboards to ApparelMagic. When saving tech pack versions, your associated Illustrator files are preserved in their current form. Additionally, when emailing tech pack versions, you may optionally attach stored Illustrator files to suppliers. The Adobe Illustrator extension is available for download on the Professional plan or higher.

Learn more and download the plugin on Adobe Exchange.

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Fully integrated apparel PLM tools​

BOM & Labor Tracking​

Navigate complex product structures with ease. Create detailed Bills of Materials (BOMs) and define labor processes to ensure accurate tracking from concept to completion.​

Comprehensive Costing Solutions​

Master the art of product costing. Whether it's full-package purchasing or extensive manufacturing, ApparelMagic's costing tools adapt to your business needs, providing precision and flexibility.​

Seamless Tech Pack Production

Efficiency at its finest—generate, update, and email tech packs directly within the system. Maintain a detailed version history for each product, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Design Annotation & Sample Management​

Bring your designs to life by annotating imagery and tracking sample iterations. Manage every detail through the design and implementation process, capturing feedback at each step.​

Real-Time Material Tracking

Stay ahead with real-time raw material tracking. Manage your inventory with precision, tracking consumption during manufacturing to minimize waste and maximize resource utilization.​

Product Feedback

Craft and organize your styles with finesse. Track product feedback, including fit sessions with long-form comments and imagery, all neatly bundled for your tech packs.

ApparelMagic IS the gold standard. In a short period of time, ApparelMagic has become the engine that helps run our business.

Bryan Thomas
Harlestons, Head of Sales and Customer Experience

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