Apparel ERP Software

We deliver a robust apparel ERP solution to fashion brands across the globe. From accounting and procurement to manufacturing and supply chain management, ApparelMagic can manage all of your day-to-day needs.

Accounting and Control

Accelerate your financial processes with automation. Fine tune user permissions.


Streamline purchasing and payments. Improve supplier relationship management

Project Management

Always have the most up-to-date view of project status, estimate costs and actual costs.

Supply Chain

Plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production intelligently across your supply chain.

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Learn more about how ApparelMagic's powerful apparel ERP software features will run your business with more speed and precision than ever.

Accounting and Financial Management 

Get a full view of your business’s financial performance with all the features you need: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Check Register (multiple accounts) with Reconciliation, General Entries, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Analysis by GL Code, and more.

Global Business Management 

ApparelMagic’s accounting module arms you with the multi-currency capabilities you need for global customers. You’ll have the ability to run multiple sales channels in different currencies from all around the world. International date formatting is also available to ensure accuracy.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in a variety of ways in real-time. ApparelMagic’s inventory module is designed for full visibility when you need to track every detail of your styles. Manage new designs, raw materials, and control your stock with ease. 

Order Management

ApparelMagic makes it easy for you to input orders efficiently. It is designed to help you streamline the pick-and-pack process, approve orders faster, assign priority to orders, and power through backorders to meet your customers’ demands.

Supply Chain Management

You can track all of your projects even as they’re moving through your supply chain and you have options to sort the data by vendor, style, or project. You will also have tools that allow you to monitor the production schedule up against your sales deadlines.

Warehouse Management

ApparelMagic notifies you when stock gets low in a particular warehouse. You can complete inventory transfers from warehouse to warehouse as needed, syncing up with your B2B and B2C platforms. Only what’s available will show on your site, increasing delivery times and avoiding backorders.

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"ApparelMagic is absolutely far beyond our expectations. The responsiveness and helpfulness I received while bringing us on board not only made it possible, it also allowed me to get all of the critical work done over the course of a weekend. Not bad compared to the months I spent trying to do the same thing with our first ERP migration attempt.
Every department here finds more and more things they love about the system each day that goes by. As an ex-programmer myself, the attention to detail and stability of your cloud platform is probably the best I've ever encountered across any industry. All of that coupled with the truly talented and patient support team you have over there has made it a really amazing experience."
- John Cioni Lola & Sophie

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