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How to Build a Successful Retail Supply Chain Management System

Today, anyone can launch a retail business with a few clicks on a laptop. A powerful brand or a productive supply chain, on the other hand, cannot be created that easily. These are the two crucial factors for the long-term … Read More

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ERP Software Examples: How To Increase The Productivity and Efficiency of Your Business

Whether you reach your customers through private label drop shipping, a wholesale directory, a retail store, or an online marketplace, the apparel sector can be a great source of profit. However, as your revenue starts growing and your business data … Read More

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How To Improve Your eCommerce Business With ApparelMagic’s Software

Ineffective inventory management costs eCommerce companies a staggering $1.75 trillion in lost revenue per year, according to a report by IHL. That alone should be enough to explain why eCommerce businesses need to keep track of their inventory in order … Read More

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Proven Techniques On How to Manage Inventory in a Retail Business

Any company that sells physical inventories requires a place to store those inventories, be it a warehouse or a store. Retail inventory management is essential for determining when more of a certain product is required, fulfilling orders in a timely … Read More

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How Can ApparelMagic’s Software Solutions Improve The Apparel Industry

The global apparel retail sector is a highly dynamic and competitive market that requires fashion brands, manufacturers, and retailers to innovate faster, supply goods at competitive prices, and build brand equity. Styles are short-lived in the apparel sector, therefore apparel … Read More

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5 Proven Strategies On How To Improve Your eCommerce Supply Chain Management

It’s not easy to create a smart eCommerce supply chain management strategy because it involves many components including transferring finished products from a manufacturer to a third party or a seller, tracking inventory, warehouse management, delivery, dealing with returns, etc. … Read More

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Retail Method of Inventory: How To Manage Inventory in Retail Stores

Determining the worth of unsold stock is a common task for retail businesses. The retail method of inventory (retail inventory method or RIM) is one way to simplify this procedure. This method can help you estimate how much your inventory … Read More

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The Importance of PLM and How To Successfully Implement It In Your Business

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the strategic process of managing a product’s whole journey from the first idea to disposal, including the finished product, its delivery, and its use. To put it another way, PLM refers to the process of … Read More

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