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Brandon Ginsberg
Brandon Ginsberg
CEO | ApparelMagic

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen horrific acts of racism, hate and violence more than ever before. This racism is not new. Black people in our country have been hurting from years of injustice.

ApparelMagic held an all-hands, virtual meeting on Friday, June 5th to discuss the issues affecting our community.

The fashion industry has a rich history of creativity, diversity, and inclusion. Brands and designers from around the world have voiced their support for the Black community. We have a duty to our community to speak up.

Together, the ApparelMagic team stands in solidarity with the Black community and all those who are discriminated against. 

Speaking out against racism is crucial, but that is just the beginning. We must take and inspire action if we want to effect real change. In light of this, we are announcing the following initiatives that will be undertaken by our team to help create systematic change both around the country and specifically in our industry:


  • ApparelMagic will make an immediate contribution to support organizations fighting for social justice and promoting equality for the Black community such as the NAACP and Campaign Zero.
  • ApparelMagic will also match all employee donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Equal Justice Initiative, Black Girls Code, Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero and the Fashion for All Foundation.

Education & Resources

  • ApparelMagic is actively working on free computer science educational programs to engage with and benefit minorities in our local communities in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • ApparelMagic will create a Fashion Startup Grant, benefiting ambitious young designers in our industry who come from minority backgrounds.


  • ApparelMagic is actively in contact with local community leaders to support policies of equality.
  • ApparelMagic has, and will continue to participate in local events and roundtables promoting diversity and inclusion in our industry.

We love our ApparelMagic community and love that you come from so many different countries and represent so many different races and ethnicities.

We hate that racism affects the lives of the Black community and many other oppressed communities around the world.

We’re so proud of this team and so proud of our ApparelMagic community for taking a stand. 

Together, we can make a real difference.


Brandon Ginsberg, CEO, ApparelMagic
John Murphy, Founder, ApparelMagic

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