Understanding Material Recyclability: A Guide for Fashion Brands

Fashion brands are facing a double-edged sword in today’s eco-conscious world – staying on trend, while also minimizing their environmental impact. Of course, sustainable materials are a key player in this ongoing balancing act, but navigating the complexities of material

Ways an ERP System can Optimize Customer Service

Most people view customer support as a ticket or a phone call. Well let’s just be honest, not broadening our perspectives doesn’t cut it anymore in 2024, especially in the fashion industry where human interactions and speaking on a human

implementing ERP system

The Common ERP Implementation Mistakes and How ApparelMagic Helps

A good enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can transform how your fashion business operates. And let’s not even discuss the ROI potential. But this doesn’t mean that the road is clear—certain challenges can arise. For some, these challenges can stand

fashion manufacturer

Beyond the First Quote: How Wholesalers Find the Perfect Fashion Manufacturer

Getting started in the fashion industry can carry a very strong allure; especially when you’re really passionate about bringing your dream to life. However, before you sign off on that fabled dotted-line with the first manufacturer you meet, be sure

Understanding the Fashion Calendar in 2024 (and Beyond)

The fashion industry thrives on its season, but unlike nature, these seasons aren’t always as predictable as spring flowers, summer patios, the changing leaves of autumn, or winter chills. We’ve put together this guide to unveil the typical flow of

wholesale sales rep

Essential Tools for High-Performing Wholesale Sales Reps

Wholesale fashion is a fast-paced world, where success hinges on a strong relationship between your brand and your sales reps. And yet, what happens when your sales start to fall short? More often than not, the finger gets pointed at

digital transformation for apparel brands

5-Step Digital Transformation Strategy For Apparel Brands

Digital transformation in the apparel industry is becoming increasingly significant as companies adapt to rapidly changing market demands and consumer expectations.  Nowadays, apparel brands are going through complete overhauls. From the adoption of ERP systems to omnichannel and digital marketing

AI into Apparel ERP for Enhanced Reporting

Enterprise resource planning systems have become industry standards for many businesses. They help facilitate all back-end operations, such as production and vendor management, logistics, and with some integrations, even finances. They are the jack of all trades. And as industries

Met Gala 2024 Trends

Top Fashion Trends From the 2024 Met Gala

The Met Gala 2024 has come and gone, but it leaves behind a trail of trends, innovation, and statements.  ‘The Garden of Time’ rolled out a green carpet for sustainability in fashion and stunning celebrity looks that captured the essence

leveraging erp ai

Leveraging ERP API Integration with OpenAI for Rapid-Scaling Apparel Brands

The integration of OpenAI’s API into an ERP system offers great benefits for apparel brands aiming to scale efficiently and effectively. ERP, or enterprise resource planning, systems, centralize various business functions such as inventory management, finance, and human resources into

omnichallenel-first erp

Embracing Omnichannel Approaches in Apparel ERP

Omnichannel approaches in the retail sector refer to the seamless integration of various shopping channels (like online, mobile, and physical stores). This approach aims to provide customers with a unified experience no matter how they choose to shop.  This strategy

The Pros and Cons of an Automated Replenishment

Staying ahead in the fashion industry isn’t just about setting trends—it’s also about smart inventory management and supply chain efficiency. That’s where automated replenishment comes into play, a game-changer for the apparel industry.  Now, this innovative approach isn’t just a