Apparel Order Management Software

Track sales activity and order status for wholesale, retail and web channels, completely integrated with ApparelMagic's sales order management software.


Seamlessly track and manage wholesale and retail orders across multiple channels.


Connect with industry-leading B2C and B2B sales platforms to expand your reach and streamline multi-channel sales management.


Simplify transactions with ApparelMagic Pay, accepting credit card payments directly within the platform without the need for additional integrations.


Enhance customer relationships and drive loyalty with ApparelMagic’s CRM tools, keeping track of interactions, history, and preferences.

Order Technology

Apparel Order Management Software

Improve accuracy and on-time delivery, thanks to ApparelMagic’s efficient tools for order entry, approvals, allocation, pick-and-pack, invoicing and backorder processing.


Integrated Multi-Channel Sales Management

ApparelMagic is your connection to the industry’s top B2C and B2B sales channels, including Shopify, JOOR, NuOrder, Amazon and more. Reach more customers and pump up the volume. Automatically receive orders and track channel performance, inventory and demand. Link to leading 3PL and WMS systems. With ApparelMagic, the world is your shopping cart.


Accept Payments

Accept and process credit card payments with ApparelMagic Pay—no integrations required. Charge credit cards on file, via email payment link, or upon checkout at your B2B store.

Track Profits, Commissions, and Royalties

Manage suggested pricing for multiple customer types, volume discounts, sales commissions and royalties with ApparelMagic’s easy to use tools. Analyze profitability for every order, style and customer. Understand your sales performance from the inside out.


Sales Order Management Software

Your customers will love you! Don’t settle for “customer satisfaction”. Drive customer loyalty through the roof with instant tracking of delivery dates, credit approvals, back order status and buying history. Manage customer appointments, phone calls, deadlines, approvals and contracts right inside ApparelMagic, with automatic Dropbox syncing.

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Powerful sales tools at your fingertips

Order Synchronization

Automate and synchronize your order flow across all sales channels in real time, ensuring consistent and accurate order fulfillment.

Multi-Currency Transactions

Conduct business globally with multi-currency support, allowing you to effortlessly process transactions in various currencies.

Sales Forecasting

Utilize advanced analytics for accurate sales forecasting, helping you make informed purchasing and marketing decisions.

Return Management

Streamline your returns process with our integrated management system, making it easy for customers and efficient for your team.

Royalty Tracking

Manage and track royalty agreements with precision, ensuring artists and partners are compensated correctly for their contributions.

Quote Generation

Empower your sales team with the ability to generate accurate and professional quotes instantly, speeding up the sales cycle."

“ApparelMagic is absolutely far beyond our expectations it also allowed me to get all of the critical work done over the course of a weekend. Not bad compared to the months I spent trying to do the same thing with our first ERP migration attempt.

Every department here finds more and more things they love about the system each day that goes by. As an ex-programmer myself, the attention to detail and stability of your cloud platform is probably the best I’ve ever encountered across any industry. All of that coupled with the truly talented and patient support team you have over there has made it a really amazing experience.”

John Cioni
Lola & Sophie

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