Apparel Order Fulfillment Software

Improve on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction with our integrated warehouse management and order fulfillment software. From allocation to pick-and-pack, through invoicing and shipping, ApparelMagic provides efficiency and transparency.

ApparelMagic Order Fullfilment Software
ApparelMagic Apparel Fullfilment Software

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Whether you fulfill orders from a single warehouse or manage multiple inventories for your sales channels, our warehouse fulfillment software has you covered. Get instant notifications of low stock. Sync inventories to your B2B and B2C ecommerce sites. Easily transfer inventory between locations.

Intelligent Allocation

Achieve more complete fulfillment with ApparelMagic’s flexible allocation methods. Fulfill orders by earliest due date, customer priority, individual style availability, or your own custom sorting. Easily de-allocate and re-allocate single orders or batches.

ApparelMagic Sales Orders Allocation
Using ApparelMagic in the warehouse to scan units for packing

Optimized Pick & Pack

Speed through box-level packing with ApparelMagic’s scanning or manual modes. Unpack and re-pack with ease. Generate invoices and packing slips, and take advantage of our integrations with Shipstation, Bergen Logistics and other industry leading fulfillment partners.


Shipping made simple. Generate and print shipping labels directly from ApparelMagic using your existing carrier accounts with FedEx, DHL, UPS. With no integrations required, you'll be saving time and money when shipping your orders.

Order Fulfillment

Apparel Fulfillment

Your customers demand performance. Timely, accurate fulfillment equals more repeat business, larger re-orders and improved customer loyalty. Exactly what you’d expect from ApparelMagic, the fashion ERP leader.

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Rise to the top with ApparelMagic's comprehensive logistics & fulfillment tools




Barcode Scanning


Bergen Integration

EDI Integration

Hilldun Integration



Inventory Reports


Multiple Warehouses

Order Status Reports

Pick and Pack

Pick Tickets


ShipStation Integration

Shipvine Integration

Statco Inc. Integration


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“ApparelMagic has transformed our production systems. The clear and easy to use screens, combined with ApparelMagic’s excellent support, even from New Zealand, we are very glad to have made the change to ApparelMagic. We also appreciate how ApparelMagic is continuously developing their systems, and can’t wait to use the new customized reporting feature.” -Jeanette Doidge Kate Sylvester

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