Apparel Order Fulfillment Software

Improve on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction with ApparelMagic’s integrated warehouse management and fulfillment tools. From allocation to pick-and-pack, through invoicing and shipping, ApparelMagic provides efficiency and transparency.


Streamline your inventory across multiple locations with instant low stock alerts and seamless inventory transfers.

Picking & Packing

Enhance efficiency with box-level packing, both scanning or manual, complete with invoices and packing slips.


Simplify your shipping process with direct label printing for major carriers, saving you time and costs.


Manage returns effectively with ApparelMagic's integrated system, ensuring quick processing and customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Tools

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Whether you fulfill orders from a single warehouse or manage multiple inventories for your sales channels, ApparelMagic has you covered. Get instant notifications of low stock. Sync inventories to your B2B and B2C ecommerce sites. Easily transfer inventory between locations.


Intelligent Allocation​

Achieve more complete fulfillment with ApparelMagic’s flexible allocation methods. Fulfill orders by earliest due date, customer priority, individual style availability, or your own custom sorting. Easily de-allocate and re-allocate single orders or batches.


Optimized Pick, Pack, and Ship

Speed through box-level packing with ApparelMagic’s scanning or manual modes. Unpack and re-pack with ease. Generate invoices and packing slips, and take advantage of our integrations with Shipstation, Bergen Logistics and other industry leading fulfillment partners.


Shipping Labels

Shipping made simple. Generate and print shipping labels directly from ApparelMagic using your existing carrier accounts with FedEx, DHL, UPS. With no integrations required, you'll be saving time and money when shipping your orders.


Apparel Fulfillment

Your customers demand performance. Timely, accurate fulfillment equals more repeat business, larger re-orders and improved customer loyalty. Exactly what you’d expect from ApparelMagic, the fashion ERP leader.


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Fully integrated apparel fulfillment tools

Smart Allocation

Maximize fulfillment efficiency with smart order allocation based on customer priority and stock availability.

Carrier Integration

Directly integrate with a variety of shipping carriers for streamlined label creation and dispatch.

Barcode Management

Leverage barcode management for accurate picking and packing, reducing human error.

Batch Processing

Process orders in batches for faster throughput and reduced processing times.

User Access Control

Assign specific access permissions to staff for better control and security of your fulfillment operations.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse on the go with our mobile app designed for efficiency and flexibility.

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