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Product Development & Costing
Styles, specifications, costs and bill of materials are maintained in a relational database which allows streamlined development and costing. Each item may be developed as a prototype, then finalized with multiple sets of specifications, work stages and color-and-size-specific material requirements. The Style Master file allows an exhaustive library of views and analysis, including spec sheets, cost sheets, trim sheets, picture references, line sheets, color catalogs, order histories, inventory status and much more.

Sales Management
ApparelMagic features sophisticated sales entry and tracking tools, including automated linking to customer terms, instructions, pricing levels and shipment priority. Backorders are automatically tracked. Multilevel commission tracking, partial shipments and discounts are fully supported. Order production status can be tracked with a high degree of detail throughout all stages of WIP, with due dates visible for each linked Customer Order.

Customer Relations Management
ApparelMagic provides a full set of tools for managing customers, bill-to’s, ship-to’s, factors, contacts, addresses, appointments and histories. The Customer module includes terms, preferred shipment methods, account codes and credit limits, multiple salespeople and split commission rates, credit balances and available credit. The Customer module is not limited to “hard” transaction histories, but features a Relationship Management system and group calendar and task management system, which tracks in detail every appointment, phone call, discussion, problem, resolution and note that refers to each customer, vendor, project, salesperson or style.

Manufacturing and purchasing may be geared to meet order demand (individual “cut-to-order” schemes) as well as stock-building and overruns. Tools are available for handling blanks, sendout processes, variable costs-per-vendor, multi-stage WIP tracking, time-phased availability and realtime inventory maintenance, including minimum reorder quantities and automated stock replenishment schemes. Process documents are fully-formatted, appropriate for both in-house work management and vendor-based purchase contracts and work orders. Multi-staged receiving, partial receivers, damages, overstock, canceled orders and material utilization reports are fully supported.

Purchasing & Importing
ApparelMagic provides multiple scenarios for decision support, including full import costing matrix, with preferred vendors and pricing levels. Purchase Orders for raw materials and finished goods can be generated individually, as part of a Manufacturing process, or to meet system-wide demand based on Sales Order volume and current inventory stock levels. All purchasing and manufacturing documents provide the option for picture display for clarity and reducing human error when referring to specific styles and materials

Receiving & Inventory Control
ApparelMagic supports real-time inventory control. Purchases and work orders can be received in multiple, partial stages. Final stage receiving can go through inspection phase prior to being credited to inventory. Multiple warehouse tracking is supported, as well as preferred bin locations within a warehouse. Receiving and shipping can be directed to increment/decrement any selected warehouse inventory. “Blanks” and other fabric and trim components used in final styles can be tracked accurately, with aggregate demand calculated from all associated “final” styles.

Allocation, Picking & Invoicing
ApparelMagic features a sophisticated and flexible allocation system, which can be tailored to the client’s needs. It alows allocation based on inventory, customer priority, cancel date, as well as manual override for any allocations. Re-allocations can be done prior to generation of Pick Tickets. Picking supports sorting of pick lists by style inventory location, and picking of partial or complete shipments. ApparelMagic features fully user-customizable printouts for Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, POs and Receivers. Full-color company, division and brand logos are supported, and can be printed directly from ApparelMagic’s picture database.

Integrated Accounting
ApparelMagic features integrated accounting, with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Check Register (multiple accounts) with Reconciliation, General Journal, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Analysis by GL Code. ApparelMagic’s open ODBC architecture allows you to query your Accounting Data (or any ApparelMagic data) from any compatible program, for charts & graphs, or further analysis and data mining.

Supplementary Data Libraries
ApparelMagic provides a robust set of libraries, including size scales, shipment methods, customer instructions, user passwords, salesperson commission rates, and many more.

Network Support
ApparelMagic’s server version is fully scalable from deployment on a single laptop computer, to a multi-location corporate setting. ApparelMagic features true, performance-optimized relational architecture and client/server operation, as well as full support for Remote Desktop users. ApparelMagic features built-in automatic timed data backups (with or without external tape drives and software). Backup schedules can be designed for one- or many-per-day, depending on company needs. Data backups are accomplished without requiring system downtime or user-logoff.

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The Reports You Need for Your Apparel Business.

Product Catalog
Cost Sheet
Bill of Materials
Inventory by SKU
Inventory Need to Buy
Inventory Valuation
Inventory by Warehouse
Inventory Count Sheet
Availability (Net)
Availability (Time Staged)
Order Driven Forecast
Lot History
Lot Availability
Product Tech Pack
Component Catalog
Component Cost Sheet
Inventory by SKU
Inventory Need to Buy
Inventory Valuation
Inventory by Warehouse
Inventory Count Sheet
Availability (Net)
Availability (Time Staged)
Order Driven Forecast
Lot History
Lot Availability
RM Component Catalog
RM Component Tech Notes
Customer AR History
Print Mailing Labels
Gross Profit Detail
Gross Profit Summary
Order Register
Orders by Month
Customer Rank
Order Analysis Detail
Order Analysis Summary
Gross Profit Detail
Gross Profit Summary
Booked by Customer & Order
Booked vs Open by Product
Open Items by Order
Open Items by Product
Product Rank
Time Staged Availability
Order Item Analysis (Ship Status)
Order Item Analysis (WIP Status)
Order Item Analysis Summary

Accounting Periods
Attribute 3 Dictionary
Product Classes
Color / NRF Dictionary
Credit Terms
Company Divisions
Labor Processes
Shipping Methods
Size Ranges
Company Standards
Accounting Defaults
Custom Measurements
Users and Salespeople

AR Aging Detail
AR Aging Summary
AR Historical Aging
AR Historical Aging Summary
Customer AR Statement
Customer AR History
Invoice Register
Invoice Gross Profit
Invoice Gross Profit
Summary Commission Report
Customer Rank Report
Invoice Analysis Detail
Invoice Analysis Summary
Product Rank Report
Shipped by Color & Size
Product Gross Profit
Product Gross Profit Summary
Invoice Item Analysis Detail
Invoice Item Analysis Summary
Return Authorization Register
Return Authorizations by Reason
Credit Memo Register
Credit Memos by Reason
WIP (Vendor Detail)
WIP (Vendor Summary)
Purchased vs Open by Product
Purchased vs Open by Vendor
Open by Product & Date
Work Order Summary
Work Order Detail & Material Issue
Vendor WIP
Projects by SKU
Lot History
Lot Availability

AP Aging Report
AP Analysis by GL Account
Check Register Report
Check Reconciliation Status
General Ledger Analysis by Account
Profit & Loss Report
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance Report
Chart of Accounts

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