7 Fashion Brands that have capitalized on NFTs

Brandon Ginsberg

NFTs aren’t just for the cryptocrowd anymore. With two fashion weeks under its belt, the metaverse is set up to be the next big stop on the fashion calendar.

1. Jonathan Simkhai’s digital twins

As one of the industry’s leading lights, it’s no surprise that the trendsetters are getting in on the action already. ApparelMagic client Jonathan Simkhai reproduced looks from his fall 2022 collection for a metaverse event on Second Life put on by Everyrealm and Blueberry Entertainment.


2. ROKSANDA’s virtual show-stoppers 

Proving that fashion can pack just as much of a punch even as pixels, ROKSANDA put their trademark statement-making clothes online. The high fashion brand teamed up with the Institute of Digital Fashion to create an NFT of a dress to debut during Crypto Fashion Week 2022.

3. Tommy Hilfiger jumps into Web3

In March, some of the biggest brands in fashion like Tommy Hilfiger and Elie Saab teamed up for Metaverse Fashion Week, a digital-only fashion week inside the Decentraland platform. With attendance by a who’s who of the decentralized finance and digital art worlds, its front row is becoming an important spot to see and be seen for fashion insiders and tech innovators alike.


4. Rebecca Minkoff turns the information superhighway into her runway

How does a traditional fashion brand approach new technology? Apparently, with some great panache. Creating looks exclusively for the digital market, Rebecca Minkoff turned the brand DNA into purchasable assets available at THE DEMATERIALIZED marketplace.

5. Diesel goes digital

When cutting-edge fashion and novel forms of art merge, great things can happen. It’s with that knowledge that creative director Glenn Marten transformed his fall 2022 collection for Diesel into NFTs available at Rarible and their own NFT store, D:VERSE.

6. Overpriced.™’s $26,000 hoodie

Fashion loves a tongue-in-cheek joke, and even in its infancy, digital fashion already knows how to make fun of itself. Overpriced.™ notably proved the market for NFTs with their release of a hoodie paired with a NFT, selling on BlockParty for more than any other hooded sweatshirt in history.


7. Warren Lotas mints Iconic Illustrations

Artwork series are a natural fit for the current trends in NFTs, and today’s artists are able to turn their creativity into profit. Working outside his typical T-shirt canvas, Warren Lotas took his cult-favorite illustrations to the internet with 4,000 fugitive skeletons for his NFT Discord community “The Wild Bunch.” Best yet? They sold out in 9 minutes.

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