Accept and process credit card payments with ApparelMagic—no integrations required.

Accept Payments

Charge credit cards on file, via email payment link, or upon checkout at your B2B store.

Require Deposits

Improve your cash flow when you require deposits for orders through B2B stores and line sheets.

Set up in Seconds

No need to make another account! Just fill in a few fields and you can accept your first payments immediately.

Sell Securely

ApparelMagic Pay uses encrypted and PCI-Compliant services to process payments.

The Fine Print

No Hidden Fees

We don’t charge hidden fees or complicated blended rates. Our rates cover everything. Compared to average fashion industry rates, ApparelMagic Pay users save thousands of dollars each year.

"Every time I contact ApparelMagic I get clear, concise and encouraging advice"

Gill Hales