ApparelMagic Wrapped 2023

Since 1984, ApparelMagic has provided powerful business solutions to apparel companies around the globe.
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This past year at ApparelMagic has been a journey of transformative reset moments, enabling us to deeply enhance our day-to-day solutions and automations for our clients in the fashion industry.

We are grateful to contribute to this dynamic industry and excited for our team to make an even greater impact in 2024.

See how ApparelMagic improved month by month in 2023.


Trigger Automation

Triggers can now be used to automate certain actions within the system based on conditions being met. For example, orders downloaded from Shopify can be automatically allocated and picked.


  • PDF Header/Footer for Line Sheets
  • PDF Orientation for Line Sheets
  • Mini Size Matrix on Line Sheet Tiles
  • Color Display Settings for Line Sheets
  • Available to Promise on Line Sheets / B2B Stores
  • Available to Promise with Shopify


Emblem Configuration

Emblems can now be added under Products > Emblems. This type of product can be added to orders as “customizations” to existing items.


  • Emblem Placement Options
  • Emblems in Order Entry
  • Emblems in B2B Stores
  • Returnable Product Flag
  • iOS – Pick Ticket Scanning Interface
  • International Bank Support
  • Full User Seats Available for Salespeople


ApparelMagic Ship

Users on all non-legacy pricing plans (After Feb 2021) can generate shipping rate quotes directly inside ApparelMagic and print shipping labels via ApparelMagic Ship!


  • Reconciliations in Bank Account Currency
  • Open Production Summary Grouping Option
  • Emblems on Purchase Orders / Projects
  • Emblems with Order Driven Production
  • Emblems API
  • Un-Assign Production from Order Edit Screen


B2B/Line Sheets – Hide Below Stock Qty

Users can now specify a stock quantity threshold on product sections below which entries on a Linesheet or B2B page are hidden.

  • B2B Order Dates – Buffers
  • B2B Order Dates – Customer Override
  • Shopify Global-E Support
  • Shipping – Send Email Notification
  • Emblem & Emblem Placement API Endpoints
  • Self-Referential BOM Support


Flexible Shopify Product Syncing

Users who download styles from their Shopify stores can now choose which variant options in Shopify correspond to different attributes.

  • B2B / Line Sheet Multi-Warehouse Support
  • B2B Order Splitting Based on Warehouse Priority
  • Consolidated Pick Trigger Automation
  • Line Sheet Matrix Format Multi-Image Support
  • Order Import Discount / Tax Flat Amounts
  • ApparelMagic Ship Rate Option
  • ApparelMagic Pay CC History
  • Payment Receipt Redesign
  • Vendor Payment Confirmation Printout
  • Hide SKUs without Stock on Historical Reports


iOS – POS Module

The POS module has been redesigned from the ground up to provide an improved user interface.


  • iOS – POS Gift Cards
  • B2B / Line Sheet Next Delivery Visibility
  • Style Merge Command
  • ApparelMagic Ship Enhancements
  • Purchase Order Item Update Costs command
  • Order/Invoice Ranking Report – Colorway Summarize Option
  • Item Analysis Reports – SKU grouping option
  • B2B Cart Units / Amount Visibility
  • Available to Promise Report Multi-Warehouse


Modify Maximum Sizes on Size Ranges

Users can now customize the maximum number of sizes offered per range in ApparelMagic. 


  • B2B Mobile Menu Support
  • B2B Hover Zoom for Images
  • Bundle Import
  • New Bundle Fields
  • Vendor Portal – View Tech Packs
  • Vendor Portal – View PO Files
  • B2B Product Custom Field Filters
  • B2B/Linesheet All Warehouses Option


QuickBooks Canada [BETA]

Companies who use the Canadian version of QuickBooks Online can now connect their organization via the QuickBooks integration. 


  • Bill Import
  • Journal Entry Import
  • B2B – Emblem buyer filter restrictions
  • Fill Gaps mode in UPC assignments
  • Email linesheets to customer contacts
  • Custom linesheet page margins
  • Collapsible Subtype/Type sections on Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • API – Base64 encoded image upload on PUT /products


B2B – Start / Due Date Labels

You can now manually define how the Date Start and Date Due labels should appear within the B2B buyer checkout experience. 


  • B2B – Allow Shipping Location Creation option
  • B2B – Allow Billing Update option 
  • B2B – Create orders as Quotes option
  • B2B – Custom fields at checkout
  • Order Email field
  • API – PUT /orders lock and unlock commands
  • API – POST /orders use_customer_discount option


Product Feedback – Track Design Feedback for Styles

You can now track your fit sessions and design feedback directly within style records through the Feedback tab.


  • Line Sheets – Ordering via Share Link
  • Sales – Misc Charges as a Percentage
  • Xero – “Send Transactions As” Option
  • Reports – Group Analysis Reports by Custom Fields
  • Reports – Scheduled reports as CSV Attachments
  • Journal Entries – View Related Journal Entries From the Invoices List
  • Journal Entries – View Related Journal Entries From the Credit Memos List
  • Warehouse Transfers – Items Table View
  • CSV Image Import – Colorway_and_style_image Field on the Import Template
  • Vendor Payments – Option to Create Vendor Payments Directly From Purchase Orders
  • Action Menu Item Consolidation in Orders
  • Mobile App – Scan to Receive Purchase Orders
  • BOM Tab Consolidation in Styles
  • Tech Packs – Hiding Inactive Colorways
  • Subscriptions – View Billing Statements


Loop Integration

The new integration with Loop allows you to import RMAs as Return Authorizations in ApparelMagic. You can then action Loop returns directly from within the Return Authorization. 


  • Barcode Scanning – Scan POs during the Receiving Process
  • Global – Support for Copy/Paste in Amount Fields
  • Reports – New Inventory Analysis Report
  • B2B – A/R Statements for Customers
  • Shopify – Download Product Import Errors as CSV
  • Orders – Passthrough of Default Email from Customer Record
  • Customers – Tax / VAT IDs in Customer Records
  • Permissions – Quick Permissions on User Groups
  • API – Delete Emblem Placements via PUT on /products


Order Fulfillment – Batch Picking for Pick Tickets

To bolster the efficiency of picking, it’s now possible to perform batch picking from the cloud interface. This allows multiple pick tickets to be printed as a consolidated pick list with items grouped by their SKU warehouse locations.


  • Invoice Layout – Credits Applied Field
  • Reporting – Poorly Performing Styles Report
  • Emblems – Emblem Placement Active Toggle
  • Transaction Imports – Import Percentage Based Misc Charges
  • Global – New Unsaved Changes Confirmation

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