Watching the sunset with Cynthia Rowley

Brandon Ginsberg

Basking in the final drops of a New York sunset, ApparelMagic client Cynthia Rowley staged her NYFW fashion show en plein air. Her golden-hour heartbreakers took full advantage of the evening, with their subtle hues lighting up in the daylight.

Printed like a watercolor, one sheer gown stood out for its ease and energy, especially as Rowley paired it with some chunky white sandals. With the lines of a prairie dress but with a mood of languid seduction, it spoke clearly as a summation of the season’s line.

Breezes across the Hudson River made diaphanous gowns flutter and gave new shape to lightweight puffer jackets. Everything was light, light, light in weight but alternatingly moody and fresh in spirit.

Other looks, in black but spangled in rhinestones, reminded you not of the sunset, but of a clear night sky bursting with starlight. Rowley scattered these sparkles judiciously in imagined constellations.

Just like the sunset, the collection captured the vibrant pastels and fleeting energy of a warm evening, as well as the navies and midnight of twilight. A poetic collection from one of New York’s most storied designers.

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