Driving Success: Swannies Golf Apparel’s Growth with ApparelMagic

ApparelMagic Case Study Swannies Golf Apparel


Swannies Golf Apparel embarked on their journey in 2015, seeking to disrupt the traditional golf apparel industry. A few short years later, Swannies quickly reached exciting milestones and found themselves confronting the challenges of managing a growing team and expanding customer base.

As they expanded, their reliance on spreadsheets and outdated systems became increasingly impractical. With aspirations to scale further, they needed a solution that could support their growth trajectory.

The ApparelMagic Solution

In their quest for a comprehensive solution, Swannies turned to ApparelMagic over five years ago. Recognizing the potential of ApparelMagic ERP’s capabilities, they implemented the platform to streamline their operations. As their wholesale customer base grew to over 3000, ApparelMagic remained a steadfast partner throughout their journey, providing the essential infrastructure needed to manage their business efficiently.

A pivotal moment in their partnership with ApparelMagic occurred when they collaborated with the development team to launch the ATP (Available to Promise) calculations. This functionality was especially critical for a business model like Swannies’, providing the confidence needed to continue scaling. With ATP calculations in place, Swannies could better manage their ordering processes, ensuring they could fulfill customer demands accurately.


Swannies’ growth since implementing ApparelMagic has been nothing short of remarkable. In terms of revenue, Swannies is now approximately 100 times the size from when they started using the system. As such, ApparelMagic has been an integral part of their success story. The platform has continuously scaled alongside Swannies, providing the necessary tools and support to navigate their surge.

Looking ahead, Swannies anticipates many more years of growth with ApparelMagic by their side. The platform’s adaptability and functionality continue to be instrumental in their success, empowering Swannies to achieve their ambitious goals and solidify their position as industry disruptors in the golf apparel market.


Through their partnership with ApparelMagic, Swannies Golf Apparel has demonstrated how the right ERP solution can act as a catalyst for advancement and streamline operations for apparel businesses of all sizes. With a robust platform and dedicated support team, ApparelMagic has aided Swannies in evolving from a startup to a thriving enterprise, setting the stage for continued success in the years to come.

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