QuickBooks Accounting Integration

Learn why ApparelMagic is the best fashion inventory and ERP software for QuickBooks accounting users.

Why do QuickBooks users choose ApparelMagic?

Multi-Currency & Multi-Channel Accounting

Don’t let your software limit your business! Pairing up ApparelMagic and QuickBooks gives you the best of both worlds: fashion software that understands the needs of the modern apparel industry, and world-class accounting tools that will bring you up to the next level.

ApparelMagic lets you buy and sell in the currencies of your choice, allowing you to go global with your business.

Run multiple sales channels (online B2B wholesale, brick-and-mortar retail, and ecommerce) through ApparelMagic with all of your data in one place. 

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Seamless Syncing

ApparelMagic int’segration with QuickBooks Online offers an automatic, one way sync (from ApparelMagic to QuickBooks Online) of the following records: Customers, Vendors, Invoices, Credit Memos, Payments, AP Bills, Checks (synced as Bill Payments).

The integration also offers the ability to sync a period of activity for your Inventory, Inventory Adjustments, Cost Of Goods Sold and AP Clearing (optional) accounts to QuickBooks Online as a Journal Entry.

Affordable at every stage of growth

Just the essentials for your small & growing business
  • Prepaid annually
Manufacturing project management made simple
  • Prepaid annually
Grow your business with customization and automation
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Connect to all your favorite providers and services
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