How Gameday Social Replaced Spreadsheets with a Purpose-Built Fashion ERP


Challenge: Streamlining Operations for a Rapidly Growing Apparel Brand

Gameday Social, a certified women-owned company based in South Dakota, has experienced rapid growth since 2021. Specializing in elevated, trend-driven licensed sports apparel for female fans aged 21 to 40, the company positioned itself uniquely in the market. Like with most success stories, challenges came about along the way – Particularly in managing operations efficiently in this case. Prior to adopting ApparelMagic, Gameday Social relied on a combination of spreadsheets, warehouse management software, and QuickBooks, resulting in a non-scalable and hectic method. 

The ApparelMagic Solution

In search of a more tailored solution for the apparel industry, Gameday Social discovered ApparelMagic. Finding an ERP system specifically designed for fashion was a priority. ApparelMagic stood out as a solution that understood the nuances of the fashion industry, distinguishing it from other generic manufacturing and warehouse management options.

ApparelMagic addressed Gameday Social’s challenges by providing a comprehensive platform that integrated inventory management, order fulfillment, and streamlined B2B processes. The scalability of the system was a crucial factor for Gameday Social, as it not only met their current needs but also positioned them for significant future growth. 

The implementation of ApparelMagic allowed the company to transition away from time-consuming manual processes, providing end-to-end efficiency and freeing up their team for strategic tasks like product development.


The positive impact of ApparelMagic on Gameday Social has been evident in various aspects of their operations:

  1. Efficiency Gains: The system’s user-friendliness and quick response times significantly reduced the time spent on manual workarounds. This newfound efficiency allowed Gameday Social’s team to focus more on what truly matters: growth strategy.
  2. Scalability: Gameday Social reported that ApparelMagic not only met their current needs but could easily accommodate future growth. The platform’s scalability became a pivotal factor in positioning the company for ongoing success.
  3. Quick Onboarding: Onboarding new sales representatives became a seamless process with ApparelMagic. The intuitive nature of the platform minimized the need for extensive training, allowing the new team members to navigate the system quickly. 

ApparelMagic proved to be a transformative solution for Gameday Social. If you’re also looking for a solution to help you streamline processes in the competitive world of fashion, book a demo to see if ApparelMagic is right for you.

Streamline processes & increase productivity by 60%

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