Why ApparelMagic & JOOR make the perfect pair

Learn why ApparelMagic is the best fashion inventory and ERP software to use with JOOR.

Why do JOOR brands choose ApparelMagic?

Fast Order Entry

Take your show on the road! JOOR’s Showroom app is the professional, elegant catalog you can access straight from your iPad. Have your line handy at all times: you never know when that buyer will walk through the door!

And better yet, orders taken through JOOR, whether online or offline, are easily imported to ApparelMagic for speedy fulfillment.

ApparelMagic Product Catalog on iPad

ERP Made for Fashion Brands

ApparelMagic isn’t just any inventory app: it’s the best fully-integrated operations software made expressly for fashion.

Designed to deal with size ranges and multiple colorways, ApparelMagic is ready to showcase your products like never before. Unlike the competitors, ApparelMagic allows unlimited images and files for every product. Its designed to give every client, from beginner to power user, full data visibility in a streamlined, intuitive experience.


We’re not just JOOR experts. As the hub behind so many fashion brands, ApparelMagic integrates with fashion’s favorite services:

  • Improve your direct-to-consumer ecommerce with integrations to Shopify and Amazon.
  • Keep on top of financials with Quickbooks Online, Xero, and factor access.
  • Send your orders off with quality 3PL and ShipStation, Shipvine, and more.

Affordable at every stage of growth

Just the essentials for your small & growing business
  • Prepaid annually
Manufacturing project management made simple
  • Prepaid annually
Connect to all your favorite providers and services
  • Prepaid annually

Fashion Software for Total Control

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