Ecommerce/POS/Offline Order Entry Integration

Connect your custom web store with ApparelMagic Cloud

Shopify allows you to create your own custom web store and sell your products to clients anywhere. With the Shopify Integration you can easily keep track of your products, invoices, and payments in both systems.

Styles, images, and inventory availability are automatically synced from ApparelMagic to Shopify, and orders are automatically retrieved from Shopify. Sync images from Shopify to ApparelMagic on command.


You can now integrate multiple Shopify stores with ApparelMagic Cloud. Manage your stores independently with the ability to set separate integration configurations customized to each store.

Sell directly to customers using Shopify’s POS integration with ApparelMagic Cloud. Use your iPhone or iPad to collect credit card, cash, or gift card payments using Shopify’s POS features, and ApparelMagic will automatically receive the orders placed.

Shopify POS also gives you flexibility to make sales anywhere and at anytime with its Offline Order Entry feature. Click here to learn more about Shopify.

All listed integrations are included with the Enterprise Plan.
Or select any three with the Professional Plan.

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