Products & Inventory

Your products are the lifeblood of your business. ApparelMagic's fashion PLM manages designs, materials, specs, costs and suppliers so you can maximize accuracy and profitability.

A style record in ApparelMagic's fashion PLM database
A view of ApparelMagic's product records, viewing inventory levels including WIP, open orders, available to sell, and available to allocate

Realtime multi-channel inventory

Boost your sales volume with smarter stock control. ApparelMagic’s high-visibility inventory tools manage multiple sales channels, divisions, warehouses and suppliers.

Success is in the details

Track the essential details of your styles easily and accurately. From first concept through final approval, sourcing and production, ApparelMagic controls images, specs, line sheets, fabrications and assembly instructions.

A style record in ApparelMagic's fashion PLM database
Material records in ApparelMagic's PLM tools

Raw Material Management

ApparelMagic’s Pro and Enterprise plans provide complete management of raw materials, real-time demand, automated purchasing, WIP tracking, pull sheets and project cost actualization.

Smarter Style Costing

Improve your margins with better planning. Understand supplier and shipping costs, labor expenses, duties, commissions and more. Whether you import, manufacture or both, ApparelMagic automatically monitors your ongoing costs.

The fashion ERP software ApparelMagic allows you to cost products automatically or manually.
The web app ApparelMagic manages an apparel manufacturing project

Apparel-savvy Bill of Materials

Build and review BOM’s quicker and more accurately. Select materials from ApparelMagic’s on-board libraries. Assign labor processes, fabrics and trims, blanks and artwork.

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Learn more about how ApparelMagic's powerful features will run your business with more speed and precision than ever.

A laptop showing a sales order created in ApparelMagic
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Rise to the top with ApparelMagic's comprehensive product & inventory tools

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Inventory Reports

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Multi-Step Process Control

Multiple Currencies

Multiple Pictures per Style

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“Seven Licensing runs multiple brand divisions using ApparelMagic, and ApparelMagic’s software has been essential in managing the products and designs that we bring to the market.” -Peter Akaragian Seven7 Jeans

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