ApparelMagic and Loop: Revolutionizing Apparel Returns

Since 1984, ApparelMagic has provided powerful business solutions to apparel companies around the globe.
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ApparelMagic, the leading cloud-based ERP solution in apparel, announces its integration with Loop Returns, a premier ecommerce returns management solution. This partnership transforms returns and exchanges for apparel businesses with a seamless, API-driven connection.

Seamless Syncing, Simplified Returns

ApparelMagic’s latest integration simplifies returns and exchanges. Automatic syncing with Loop’s webhooks ensures real-time updates and immediate returns information import into ApparelMagic.

Effortless Workflow

  • Here’s how the magic happens:
  • Customers initiate returns or exchanges via Loop’s shopper portal.
  • Loop and ApparelMagic stay in sync for streamlined return authorizations and processing.
  • Simple returns trigger Shopify updates for instant credit memo downloads.
  • For exchanges, Loop and ApparelMagic seamlessly manage exchange order downloads.

A Win-Win for Retailers and Customers

This integration streamlines processes, benefiting retailers and customers alike. Retailers can enjoy a more efficient returns workflow while customers experience a hassle-free return and exchange process.

About ApparelMagic

Since 1984, ApparelMagic has been a leader in comprehensive fashion business management software. Serving as a central hub for manufacturing, inventory, sales, and distribution, ApparelMagic powers fashion’s fastest-growing labels and drives business success on six continents. The flagship cloud-based app features B2B eCommerce, payment processing, POS, and seamless integrations with leading services in eCommerce, logistics, and beyond. Learn more at

About Loop

Loop is the post-purchase platform that enables brands, such as Allbirds, FIGS, Princess Polly and Chubbies, to transform returns into exchanges. Loop helps over 3,000 brands increase customer loyalty, retain more revenue, and lower reverse logistics costs. Through innovative features like Instant Exchanges, Shop Now, and Bonus Credit, Loop has helped merchants retain more than $900 million in revenue over the past five years. Learn more at

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