Frequently Asked Questions About Line Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions About Line Sheets

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Are Line Sheets a Replacement for Catalogs?

Considering the two often get confused with one another, it is natural for people to think that one is the alternative to the other. However, that is not necessarily the case.

If anything, catalogs and line sheets are complementary marketing tools that can work together to help your business grow its customer base and revenue.

However, catalogs and line sheets serve slightly different purposes.

A catalog covers business history, origins, journey, and corporate values, along with a stylish, bold graphic display of the various products on offer. It essentially serves to communicate to potential clients why they should buy from your business.

Line sheets, on the other hand, come after a customer has been convinced as to why they should buy from you. Line sheets are documents primarily designed to inform customers how to buy from the business.

So, catalogs and line sheets can prove to be great complementary components of a business’s marketing strategy.

Are Line Sheets Hard to Create?

Once upon a time, line sheets would have been a time-consuming and tedious affair. However, technological advancements and evolving markets have changed the world as we know it. Line sheets have now become powerful tools that are quick and easy to design and equally easy to update and edit.

Businesses will be spoiled for choice when they go looking for tools and software on the market that can help make line sheets for them. Some of the best line sheet-creating tools will make sleek, impressive line sheets in little to no time at all. A business just needs to find a powerful, reputable tool and it can consider all its line sheet-creating needs competently covered.

With line sheet software, anyone can create professional line sheets in seconds with just a few clicks. No more long formatting sessions; you can spend your time focusing on what the company cares about: creating products that customers want and need. 

What Should One Look for in a Line Sheet Software?

Many businesses who want their line sheets done well choose the option of finding a good line sheet-creating software. There are many to choose from and that is what leads to this very commonly asked question about what to look for when choosing software for line sheet creating. Very briefly, some of the things to look for in the software are ease of use, customizable templates and sheets, and the ability to export finished line sheets in multiple formats.

For the best line sheet software, one should look for high-performance and reliability. This helps you keep your inventory data as accurate as possible, so it’s easy to go back and update prices or item descriptions without any hassle.

Another important feature of line sheet software is the ability to edit and export data for custom projects or cross-product/company consistency.

Is It Better to Email Line Sheets or Host Them?

This depends on your preference. However, if you are attaching the line sheet to your emails, remember to compress the file to less than 2-5MB in total so it doesn’t automatically get deleted for clogging the inboxes.

If you are hosting your line sheets on a platform, make sure to keep your login structure and accessibility straightforward and hassle-free so as not to discourage potential clients from accessing the line sheet.

Is Length a Major Concern When Designing a Line Sheet?

We have mentioned that keeping the line sheet as short as possible is a good rule to have. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a line sheet can’t be longer than a page or two.

Rather, the emphasis is on the fact that only the relevant information should feature in the line sheet. If the necessary information and images make for a longer line sheet such as 10-15 pages, then that is not a problem. The priority needs to be on keeping the line sheet to the point at all times.


Line sheets are immensely powerful marketing tools for product-oriented businesses in the wholesale industry and are particularly relevant to the apparel industry.

They have long been a part of the wholesale industry marketing field but have only grown in their relevance and effect in the cutthroat environment of today where everyone is pressed for time, the emphasis is on easy-to-navigate documents, and technology has helped make line sheets more informative and effective than ever before.

Also, as opposed to popular belief, catalogs and line sheets are not competing marketing tools. Rather, they can prove to be great tools to use in conjunction with one another to help your business capture and retain the attention of prospective clients.

Like any marketing tool, a line sheet comes with its good and bad features. Despite its share of challenges though, how beneficial a line sheet proves to be to wholesale business will depend entirely on how well the business designs and applies it. Creating a good line sheet is key to its success as a marketing tool.

The good news is that designing a line sheet has never been easier, with so many technological advancements capable of designing great line sheets in record time.

Once you can find the right tool for the job and have its line sheet include all the relevant information, nothing is stopping you from taking your clients by storm. You can now convert potential buyers into actual ones by delivering a smooth, frictionless buying experience for them.

Based on all we know the line sheet is capable of, and with the fiercely competitive markets businesses are operating in today, a well-designed line sheet can be the difference between a business that survives and one that does not.

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