Wholesale Platforms

Wholesale Platforms

5. Wholesale Platforms

As the hub behind your brand, your clothing inventory management solution can integrate with the services you already depend on. For example, you can improve your direct-to-consumer ecommerce with inventory management integrations to wholesale platforms like JOOR, NuORDER, and ApparelMagic’s own B2B wholesale platform, included in Professional subscriptions.

ApparelMagic B2B

ApparelMagic’s built-in B2B ecommerce feature allows your wholesale customers to shop directly from you. Inventory levels, product information, and contact information is all synced between ApparelMagic’s modules, giving you and your customers the most accurate, up-to-date data. The intuitive, attractive B2B ecommerce store puts your products in the best light, and the ease of use makes it a breeze to update.


JOOR integration gives the apparel retailer full data visibility in a streamlined, intuitive experience. JOOR’s Showroom app has a catalog you can access straight from your iPad. You can showcase your products with unlimited images and files for every product. Orders taken through JOOR, whether online or offline, can be easily imported to your chosen inventory management app for speedy fulfillment.


Founded in 2011, NuORDER can manage orders, custom linesheets, product catalogs and inventory with fewer order mistakes. Integration with inventory management solutions like ApparelMagic gives brands the power to sync products, customers and inventory, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records on their B2B ecommerce platform. Its user-friendly interface allows for simple drag and drop and fast bulk uploading, eliminating redundant data entry for its users. With a few keystrokes, users can take orders and adjust inventory in one simple process.


BrandBoom is a content management and sales automation system that lets you generate PDF line sheets and price lists. A line sheet is a sales tool used by apparel brands to present their products to wholesale buyers. Line sheets include product images and information such as product descriptions, color and size options, and wholesale prices, making it easier for buyers to find what they need.

PackageBee can connect your shopping cart and your inventory management system with Brandboom. It can be configured to automatically download orders and upload shipment tracking information back to any order management system or warehouse.

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