Elevee finds ApparelMagic “tailor-made”

Élevée, a luxury brand that has been creating custom hand tailored wardrobes for high profile executives, professional athletes, and celebrity elite, for more than a decade, has relied on ApparelMagic ERP to manage its very successful line since 2002. Élevée is able to create unique samples with every order to satisfy the needs of professional athletes such as Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Durant.

“ApparelMagic has always made it possible to run our business efficiently by being the most user-friendly,” COO David Paletz said in a November 2013 interview. “ApparelMagic is always there to make sure things happens in a quick way and the support, the customer service and the follow-through are fantastic.”

“Élevée researched and compared all of the systems out there at the time”, COO David Paletz said. “What we found with ApparelMagic is that they offered the most flexible system available for companies that wanted to do custom work to fit their business model. ApparelMagic has streamlined our entire process and enhanced screens have cut our order time in more than half.”

And according to CEO Michael O’Brien, “ApparelMagic is a great product, with unparalleled flexibility. But it’s their customer service that really sells them. As our business has grown, the ApparelMagic team has been there every step of the way. We have increased productivity ten-fold and have experienced a tremendous cost savings.”

ABOUT ELEVEE: Élevée has been featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated, GQ, People and ESPN The Magazine, among others. Élevée is worn by high-profile executives, professional athletes and celebrities, characterizing its image as one of confidence and originality. Elevee is a completely vertical company that manufactures, designs, and styles in the U.S.A. Elevee’s hand tailored, custom wardrobes are designed exclusively to fit each client’s lifestyle from causal to formal. Elevee infuses the expertise of their design team, the craftsmanship of their Master Tailors and the finest fabrics in the world with your personal style and comfort level in mind. www.elevee.com

ABOUT APPARELMAGIC: For 29 years, ApparelMagic has been on the forefront of technology in the fashion industry, helping businesses manage sales, manufacturing, allocation, accounting, and more. From the top multi-national brands to niche labels, ApparelMagic is used throughout the industry to keep businesses effective and competitive, delivering state-of-the-art software, training and support.

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