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Established in 1992, H&H Sports Protection is no newcomer to the industry. They’ve seen trends come and go, weathered the ups and downs, and kept up with the newest technologies along the way.

The company, behind the major motorcycle helmet and accessory brands Just1 Racing and Torc, is an international powerhouse, with a footprint covering China, Italy, and the United States.

“We go deep in this industry,” H&H Sports Protection CEO Peter Miao says. “We’re not just manufacturing, we actually design and develop new projects, promote our brands, and promote sports events in Asia.”

With this kind of worldwide reach, taking orders and payments has always been a challenge, but one that they’ve been solving with ApparelMagic.

Way back in 2016, Miao’s team recognized a need in their business to process credit cards, and they came across an earlier server-based incarnation of ApparelMagic. The software’s merchant functions were more than enough to win them over, and they began using it as the backbone of their business. Over the next five years, they continued to use the server-based ERP, but were soon looking for alternatives to maintaining and upgrading their remote server. 

As Miao looked into alternatives, he came across the cloud-based version of ApparelMagic. Seeing the ability to integrate to many services and get away from headaches associated with server hosting, he pulled the trigger.

“I made a subscription for just one user to try and test it,” Miao says, then hiring a consultant to migrate the company’s data while ensuring none of the core business functions would be affected. “It was a smooth process.”

As of January 2021, H&H was good to go, and already they were experiencing the benefits of the state-of-the-art tech. Suddenly his team could turn their attention away from repetitive tasks as ApparelMagic and services like ShipStation took care of them behind the scenes.

“A lot of manual work had to be done,” Miao says. “But now, all the work could be automated. It improves efficiency, but also, because we have the energy and resources, improves the customer satisfaction level. It’s a win-win.”

Beyond their daily workflow, H&H has innovated in their selling process by using ApparelMagic’s built-in B2B sales tools. Rather than sending PDFs back and forth, customers can now check available inventory and create their own orders online with a true wholesale ecommerce experience.

“Customers don’t need to write emails anymore. They don’t need to call reps. They don’t need to remember SKU numbers,” Miao says. “It’s a very easy process.”

The B2B site allows customers to find exactly what they need on their own and add it to their shopping carts, saving time for everyone. H&H sales reps often arrive in their California office to new orders East coast customers placed just that morning.

“With the help of ApparelMagic, we are able to offer an ease to customers doing business with us,” Miao says. “We saw a 50% growth in sales in 2022, and we are confident that we will continue growing in 2023.”

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