How Bridge & Burn Enhanced Operations to Solve Inventory Challenges


Challenge: Streamlining Operations and Inventory Management

In late 2022, Bridge & Burn, under new ownership, faced the immediate challenge of streamlining operations and gaining control over their unique inventory management needs. The company’s commitment to custom-developed fabrics and small-batch production required a robust solution that could seamlessly handle B2B, inventory, development, and invoicing, all while accommodating the complexities of their specialized inventory partitioning.

The ApparelMagic Solution: A Unified Hub Tailored to Apparel Brands

Enter ApparelMagic, the comprehensive ERP solution that became the backbone in Bridge & Burn’s quest for operational efficiency. Taylor Murray, the owner, notes that ApparelMagic allowed them to consolidate various functions under one roof, eliminating the need for expensive third-party apps. 

This central hub not only streamlined their processes but also facilitated easy integration with essential apps like Xero and Shipstation, minimizing the disruption of their existing workflows.

While ApparelMagic offers numerous features, the Bridge & Burn team is most excited about its unparalleled inventory management capabilities. The software’s flexibility enabled the company to efficiently organize their inventory based on the detailed needs of their operations.

Utilizing ApparelMagic’s barcode scanning for inventory maintenance, purchase order (PO) creation, and PO receiving, Bridge & Burn saved time, increased accuracy, and gained invaluable insights into their operations.

“The fact that ApparelMagic is set up exactly for apparel is incredibly helpful. You don’t need to do any type of workarounds or anything. It’s just there and it works, which is the number one thing for us.”

Results: Operational Gains and Cost Savings

The implementation of ApparelMagic resulted in tangible benefits for Bridge & Burn. The software’s user-friendly design, tailored for the apparel industry, eliminated the need for tedious workarounds, reducing the likelihood of errors. 

The efficiency gains from improved inventory management translated directly into cost savings and increased satisfaction among both staff and customers.

Bridge & Burn had previous experience with other ERP providers, but none matched the tailored usability and effectiveness of ApparelMagic, especially in the apparel industry. The software’s seamless integration with existing tools, coupled with its flexibility in handling unique inventory challenges, made it the clear choice for the company’s needs.

Furthermore, the collaboration with ApparelMagic’s development team allowed Bridge & Burn to contribute to the enhancement of the software. Their joint effort resulted in the roll out of the “Feedback” module, a valuable addition for adding notes and images to tech packs, thereby improving factory communication, reducing errors, and saving time.

Future Steps: Continuing the Journey with ApparelMagic

In summary, ApparelMagic has not only met Bridge & Burn’s immediate challenges but has also positioned itself as a long-term partner in their growth journey. The software’s adaptability, integration capabilities, and ongoing support have proven instrumental in helping Bridge & Burn navigate the unique complexities of the apparel industry.

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