How Frankies Bikinis manages explosive growth with ApparelMagic

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Open Instagram on any fashionista’s phone, and you’re bound to see a a model, celebrity, or friend posed on a photogenic beach or perched at the edge of an infinity pool. And chances are, that glamourous swimsuit she’s wearing is probably Frankie’s.

Frankie’s Bikinis, that is. Starting as a humble mother-daughter business just a decade ago, founder Francesca Aiello has steadily built an international following for her trend-driven swimsuits.

In the past ten years, the brand has went from influencer darling to Victoria’s Secret protege after a minority stake was made by the lingerie and lifestyle giant.

Since its founding, Frankie’s Bikinis has grown to encompass far more than than those bikinis, now offering a healthy assortment of clothing, activewear, and even skincare staples.

Throughout this explosive growth, the team has relied on ApparelMagic to power their business, acting as a central hub that connects sales, distribution, manufacturing, and design.

“We have a little under 40 people at Frankie’s, and all of them are at some point in ApparelMagic,” says Emma Johnson, head of operations.

And better yet, the team has found the onboarding process for the whole team smooth and efficient, with learning resources and trainings provided by ApparelMagic rather than needing to build their own training program.

“I do a mini-training on how we use it specifically,” Johnson says, “But it helps a lot that I don’t have to train someone on a whole platform”

With tools for everything from tech packs to B2B eCommerce to business intelligence, the software is an invaluable part of daily life at Frankie’s. Not only does it manage the product and sales data, but it reaches out to connect with other services like Shopify, keeping a constantly accurate sync of inventory and styles.

ApparelMagic’s ease of integrating is a huge help for a business that is constantly growing and adapting as they reach new heights. As their needs change, users are able to connect to a range of services as well as develop their own using API access.

“Any coder can come in and read the guides and create a custom integration pretty easily,” Johnson says.

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Introducing a comprehensive returns service recently, the team has automated processes and taken headaches out of their standard workflows. As Frankies goes from strength to strength and continues to grow, they’re able to simplify their day-to-day even as their operations become more complex.

Building a business is tough, but as with their swimwear, Frankies Bikinis makes it look effortless.

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