How to create a line sheet in ApparelMagic

Brandon Ginsberg
Brandon Ginsberg
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Line sheets are the backbone of the sales workflow, and an Excel file no longer cuts it!

Use them internally to sort out your assortment, as teasers you can promote to your leads, and as a B2B eCommerce tool customers can order from directly.

Doing double duty as both a promotional tool and as a sales document, line sheets can be more than just spreadsheets with styles, sizes, and prices. And with ApparelMagic, they can be beautiful!

Create sleek, informative documents that will impress your wholesale partners. Use big, beautiful brand imagery right alongside your product shots and pricing.

You can skip the time-consuming exporting and rearranging data and do it all straight from the system. And better yet, you can do this all in a matter of seconds.

Selecting Line Sheet Templates

Your line sheets are stored right next to your products! From the main line sheets page, you’ll be able to view or edit your entire history of line sheets.

Choosing a Wholesale Line Sheet Template

Creating a new linesheet can take just seconds. Either start from scratch, clone one of your existing linesheets, or use our line sheet template library.
Give the line sheet a descriptive title. This is what you’ll use both internally and when you send it out to customers.

Creating a Line Sheet

Have some beautiful hero photography? Drop it in with the visual line sheet editor. You can add images, videos, and HTML content. Otherwise, you can create a simple line sheet by just going straight to Products.
The same filter options you know and love from ApparelMagic’s Products module is available from inside the linesheet. Filter your styles by season, product type, brand—or put together something special by searching and selecting specific items!
You have plenty of options for displaying your products, so choose what feels right for your brand and imagery. This view shows the tile format, with each item centered in its own square—great for when you have flat product shots.
The Looks view pumps up the volume with large scale, portrait-style images perfect for lookbooks and on-model imagery.
Matrix view gives you the best of both worlds with your products showcased next to inventory numbers for each SKU. For any of these views, you can always select whether you’d rather show each style by Product or Colorway. Here we have our colorways separated out so customers can see each wash.

Line Sheet Fashion and Accessories Options

In addition to different styles of view, you can take your pick of a number of further options, including modifying the number of images per line, the price fields shown, and how you describe each item by name, style number, color, size, etc.
Ready to start taking orders directly from the line sheet? You can send your leads and customers an email with a customized link they can use to order from online. You can toggle on the ability to order, and select if customers are limited to ordering based off current stock.
Happy with your work? Use the Share button to get out the word! You can grab a shareable link in this drop down menu. This link will let anyone view your line sheet. If you want to send a customer an interactive line sheet to order from, select Email.

Sending your Product Line Sheet

Add your customers, a subject line, a message, and click send! It’s as easy as that.
Your customer will get immediate access to the line sheet, and they’ll be able to add items to their cart just like they would in an ecommerce store.

And just like that, you’ve got a linesheet. Your wholesale customers will be just a click away from making their next purchase. Use your new power wisely and watch your sales grow!

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