Industrial Revolution II selects ApparelMagic to support Haiti revitalization

Innovative manufacturing company, Industrial Revolution II (IRII) is taking crucial steps in Haiti’s revitalization with the introduction of high-end manufacturing. The project creates direct employment for low-income Haitians and heightens the skill level of Haitian apparel workers.

IRII’s Founding Partners include Joelle Berdugo Adler (of Diesel Canada Inc), Richard Coles (of Multiwear SA), Rob Broggi (formerly with Tudor Investment Corp.) and Matt Damon (actor and philanthropist). Its local management includes Lenz Balan, CFO, and Kristen Reinhardt, overseeing US Operations. These important industry leaders are promoting Haitian economy regeneration with selective apparel enterprises.

IRII plans to include flexible manufacturing and digital printing, allowing IRII to produce a wide range of knit garments at competitive prices, and 50% of the profits will continuously fund programs for employees, their families and the local community (

IRII has selected ApparelMagic as a key tool in its mission to prompt social advancement and offer high quality products and services.

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