Top Fashion Trends From the 2024 Met Gala

Met Gala 2024 Trends

The Met Gala 2024 has come and gone, but it leaves behind a trail of trends, innovation, and statements. 

‘The Garden of Time’ rolled out a green carpet for sustainability in fashion and stunning celebrity looks that captured the essence of timelessness and change. 

Here’s a peek into the highlights and defining moments of the evening that reshaped fashion’s biggest night.

The Met Gala’s Theme

The Met Gala 2024 painted a beautiful portrait of time through its theme, “The Garden of Time”, inspired by  J.G. Ballard’s short story of the same name, written in 1962. The theme served as a narrative backdrop for the event, and the Met was almost like a living storybook where fashion and fantasy intertwined.

The gala’s theme gave a fresh breath of life to the ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’ exhibition, featuring 250 historic fashion pieces, emphasizing the central role of nature in their materials and inspiration. To further capture the essence of the theme, the exhibition was thoughtfully divided into three sections representing land, sea, and sky, symbolizing the sources of materials for the showcased garments.

But the magic didn’t stop there. The Met Gala 2024 was filled with video animation, light projection, and soundscaping to create an immersive experience, enhancing attendees’ understanding of the enigmatic theme. 

This was truly an enchanting garden where fashion bloomed in the heart of New York City.

The Star-Studded Parade

The Met steps transformed into a fashion runway and every outfit was a conversation starter.

The parade of stars was nothing short of dazzling.

 Here are some of the standout looks from the event:

  • Bad Bunny turned heads in a sophisticated Maison Margiela ensemble
  • Jennifer Lopez shimmered in a Schiaparelli gown that seemed to have been woven out of moonlight itself
  • Gigi Hadid was a vision in Thom Browne
  • Kendall Jenner embraced Givenchy’s elegance
  • Anna Wintour looked regal in her Loewe attire

And who could overlook the theatrical expressions and bold fashion choices that became the heart of the Met Gala? Cardi B’s expansive Windowsen gown became a centerpiece on the stairs of the Met, probably inspiring new trends with each step.

Behind the Scenes: The Costume Institute Benefit

Beneath the glamour and grandeur, the Met Gala serves a noble cause. Not just a spectacle for the world to witness, the Met Gala is a charity event with a dual purpose—fundraising for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute and marking the opening of its annual fashion exhibition.

The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art maintains a compendium of over 33,000 fashion pieces that represent seven centuries of evolving fashion, which benefits directly from the funds raised by the Met Gala.

The 2024 Met Gala theme emphasized sustainability in fashion, reflecting a cycle of creation and revival akin to the natural world. This sentiment was echoed by younger attendees through their choice of sustainable and upcycled fashion pieces at the 2024 Met Gala.

The Met Gala, often referred to as fashion’s biggest night, is a celebration of fashion’s past, present, and future. And it’s clear to see a new trend is on the horizon for the apparel industry and that trend is sustainability.

Fashion’s Luminaries and Their Muses

Among the many celebrities at the Met Gala, Elle Fanning stood out, embodying the theme of the “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” exhibition in her Balmain gown. 

The gown had glass-like attributes with sculptural birds which encapsulated the delicate theme, making Fanning a muse for fashion’s luminaries.

The Blue Hue Breakthrough

As the evening unfolded, an unexpected color emerged on the Met Gala 2024’s red carpet – blue. 

Not just any blue, but cooler, icy shades with occasional appearances of deeper hues. This color painted the Met Gala with a new shade of elegance, a breath of fresh air in the fashion landscape. And a new trend in the industry.

The trend was embraced by many. Some notable examples include:

  • Ed Sheeran, who made waves with a powder blue suit detailed with lab-grown diamonds
  • Naomi Campbell, who graced the event in a baby blue gown with fringe detailing
  • Da’Vine Joy Randolph, who wore a custom blue denim couture gown by Zac Posen, Gap’s new creative director

These stars’ outfits showed that blue could be both elegant and bold at the same time. 

And, it won’t be a surprise to see fashionistas rocking this style in support of sustainable practices in the industry.

Ethereal Elegance: Tulle, Netting, and Wispy Overlays

As the night unfolded, another trend emerged, reinforcing the ethereal aura of the Met Gala 2024 – tulle, netting, and wispy overlays. 

These delicate materials, traditionally associated with fairy tales and dreamy couture, found their way onto the blue carpet, contributing to the night’s ethereal aesthetic.

At the Anna Wintour Costume Center event, where the dress code allowed for creative expression, actor Gwendoline Christie stood tall and radiant in her black tulle overcoat paired with a blood-orange gown, exemplifying the use of sheer materials to create an otherworldly presence. Adding to the night’s trend of lightweight and gauzy fabrics, Michelle Williams wore a white chiffon Chanel minidress with a matching coat.

Not to be outdone, both Sam Smith and Brie Larson showcased this trend with their choices, Smith with a suit paired with a black tulle cape, and Larson with an hourglass-shaped tulle overlay on her Prada gown. 

Their outfits served as a testament to the versatility and elegance of these ethereal materials.

Vintage Vibes: Nods to Fashion’s Storied Past

While some attendees decided to shape the future of fashion, others decided to pay homage to its storied past. 

The Met Gala 2024 exhibition featured works from fashion icons such as:

  • Elsa Schiaparelli
  • Christian Dior
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Hubert de Givenchy

These designers’ creations have had a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

Zendaya made a statement with a piece from Vintage Givenchy that classic fashion will always be popular. 

The night also saw a resurgence of designs from the ‘80s and ‘90s, with attendees going for vintage pieces from iconic brands like:

  • Chanel
  • Versace
  • Dior
  • Gucci

Pearls, a classic accessory in vintage fashion, adorned the outfits of several guests, reflecting a nod to the elegance of past eras. 

Adding a contemporary twist to these vintage vibes, Gigi Hadid’s modern corset dress paired with a tailored jacket that transformed into a bustling skirt, featured 3D yellow roses and green vines, showing that the past and present could coexist in harmony on the Met Gala red carpet.

All we can say is that vintage is back in style.

The Power of Proportion: Bold Silhouettes

While color and material made significant statements, the power of proportion was not to be overlooked. The Met Gala 2024 showcased bold silhouettes with attendees exhibiting exaggerated proportions in their fashion choices. These dramatic designs challenged traditional norms, pushing the boundaries of fashion to a whole new level.

Rebecca Ferguson was seen in a Thom Browne ensemble that included a dress with exaggerated hips and shoulders, while Cynthia Erivo wore a cropped tuxedo jacket and draped skirt adorned with sequins and beaded insects from the same designer. These outfits were not just about making a fashion statement; they were about creating an unforgettable visual narrative.

Further embodying this trend, Kylie Jenner’s sharply pointed bodice and Mindy Kaling’s dress with architectural elements flowing behind her was a spectacle to behold. These bold silhouettes made powerful statements, contributing to the theme of the evening and enhancing the statement-making atmosphere of the Met Gala.

After the Stars Descend: Post-Gala Festivities

As the clock struck midnight, the glamour of the Met Gala did not dim; instead, it shifted venues. Attendees flocked to exclusive venues such as The Nines, The Mark Hotel, and The Standard Hotel’s ‘Boom Boom Room’ to continue their celebrations well into the night.

Celebrities including the casts of shows like Succession were seen at The Nines, with prominent figures such as André Santo Domingo and Suki Waterhouse in attendance across various after-parties. The after-parties were extensions of the Met Gala, retaining the glamour and excitement while adopting a more relaxed atmosphere.

At one after-party following the First Monday event, many listers, like Janelle Monáe, Lizzo, and Priyanka Chopra, gathered to celebrate. Janelle Monáe led a toast, while Billie Eilish’s arrival at another event grabbed the keen attention of photographers. These post-gala festivities, filled with laughter, dancing, and impromptu performances, embraced the legendary nightlife of New York City, providing a fitting end to an unforgettable night.

Till The Next Year

The stars graced the red carpet in their stunning interpretations of the theme, and the world got some behind-the-scenes insights into the Costume Institute Benefit. The night was filled with ethereal elegance, vintage vibes, bold silhouettes, and unexpected color trends, all wrapped up in the grandeur of New York City’s nightlife.

As we conclude our journey through the ‘Garden of Time’, we are left with a renewed appreciation for the art of fashion and its power to enchant, inspire, and make a statement. The Met Gala 2024 was not just about fashion; it was a celebration of creativity, artistic expression, and the timeless allure of elegance. Until next year – Fashion’s biggest night will remain a beacon of inspiration and innovation.

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